MY One way love STory

Posted: April 3, 2013 in GUEST!!!!






Naina is the name she recommended to call herself. As she wanted to keep her identity secret she told me to publish her name as  Naina. When i read the name i felt it weird so i asked her what that’s stand for. She laughed and said “thats what i want to call my daughter”. I replied “i am so thrilled to know that you want to have a gal baby, nice infact awesome”.

She is very bubbly kind and full of energy. She have a enchanting smile must say. Thank you Naina for giving me opportunity to publish your work

I know this story is true so here’s my tip for you “dont be heart broken, still there are plenty of guys you just have to explore and find the right one. SnL blessings are always with you so cheer up



I was smiling to myself listing to Enrique’s I am gonna get you song. I looked my reflection in my i-pod and smiled again. I touched the missing apple bite and giggled . Was I acting insane I don’t know, may be people in love act like this I thought. As I had completed my work on time so I decided to go to my home by walk. It was first time in weekdays I was able to see the sun in the evening. Mild sun rays, and honking horn that’s the specialty of Bangalore in the evening. I made a gun sign in my hand and held at the sun and pressed my thumb as if I was shooting the sun. People walking on the road gave me a weird look but I didn’t care. I thought about his smiling face and curly hair and I smiled. Actually I blushed, I know for sure because I could feel my cheeks turn red. I hit my head with my right hand and said “get a hold on your brain woman; you don’t know whether he likes you. I told myself “if he was not interested he wouldn’t have send me the friend request in FB, if he was not interested he wouldn’t have asked my number and send those cute little forwards”. My brain stopped thinking when my heart justified. Its then my phone started ringing. When I saw the that it was my friend who was calling I smiled and picked the call.

She told me about her engagement and briefed me about her beau. Like other women I asked her few questions like “love marriage? From where? Which company?…”. When finally I felt there’s nothing to ask I just asked “so babes, you got any news?”. As we were from same place often we used to discuss about eligible bachelors in our hometown. And the guy on whom I had crush from childhood was from my hometown. So my friend said “yeah, that guy on whom you had crush when you were in high school is getting married….. she was telling something but I felt the earth go merry go round and I sat on the bus stop nearby. She was telling me about his wedding date and about the gal. After a minute when I regained myself I told my friend that I have to call someone and disconnected the call. I know he didn’t promise me anything or proposed me but still I was head over heals in love with him…well  may not be love but something . My eyes filled with tears and I started to walk again. May be this is what happens when we won’t get what we wanted

I continued walking with my head phone on. I changed the song when I heard Ronna Keating “when you say nothing at all….”, how I hated that song at the moment. Same apple was mocking at me when I wiped the tear drop from the screen. When I saw the park nearby without my knowledge my legs started to walk in that direction. I stared to walk like other evening walkers. I felt my head heavier than usual and all blood running to my brain. I saw a guy doing yoga on the lawn, Whose legs were up in the air and head on the thick grass. I looked at him and said to myself “I didn’t do that but still blood is running to my brain can you beat that?”. When I completed one round automatically me legs started to take one more. I saw a couple seated on the nearby bench. I felt they were scanning me head to toe. I was sure they must have said “wonder why she is walking, she doesn’t even have extra calories to burn!”. When I understood their look I told myself “fat, health are not the only things who makes you walk, look at me I am walking for loss of my love which was never mine. F&*^“. Round after round three, four, five I lost the count. Still could see his smiling face in front of my eyes. Erasing his memory is not that easy I know. I wiped my eyes and took my phone out and started typing a message to him “congrts my dear”, I stopped for a while and deleted my dear. “Congrts, it was a surprise indeed.  Never thought so soon I will get a chance to dance and eat. Finally you getting married, wow, sounds so good (my mind said “hope she tortures you every day” But my heart said “be a good example for they lived happily ever after ) take care of yourself c ya”. After pressing the send button I deleted his number from my contact list.  I smiled and continued walking. My tensed muscles started to relax when they heard Katy Perry’s “Fire Work”. My legs increased the speed with time. When I saw bouncing bums steady bums I giggled wondering how my bum will look when I walk.  Then I saw a guy trying his level best to peep inside his gal friend’s salwar I chuckled and told myself “this is not the end, Look at this guy he ie dying to see which is hidden from him. Forget that guy he was never yours, never, ever”. When I reached the same spot again I laughed out loud when I saw the guy and gal literally making out in the public park. I wiped my tears and told myself “every dark cloud has a silver lining. When I reached the exit gate I chuckled and said “indeed walking is good for health”

  1. Gaurav says:

    Good one Naina Ji…If it is Fiction..!! and if it is real life experience, then ask a guy..most of them(US indeed) will have many more this kind of real life story…lol…enjoy life it’s all about the attitude…and i am sure SNL Mam will preach us some gyan over it some time…!!


  2. Prateeksha says:

    Nice one, Time teach this some time 🙂


  3. Typical… but reading was fun.. even though the story was heard many a times before.. every writer is different in context .. thanks Naina for sharing this wonderful memory..

    Btw, sister syl.. dont you think bangalore should be called “Seducing Gardens City” rather than just garden city !!!


  4. sylvia says:

    seducing garden city…wowo….that sounds cool…yeah i agree…….For films there are censored boards but for Bangalore parks there are no restriction:)


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