I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 16

Posted: April 15, 2013 in STORY

As soon as Jenny got down from the helicopter she started to walk towards the exit gate.  All she wanted was a good bath and sleep. She kept her hand in front of her mouth when it automatically opened in oval shape.  She shook her head and tried to focus on the people who were waiting for the soldiers. When she recognized Mr . Lewis automatically she walked towards him and he hugged her. Before she could regain herself Mrs Lewis hugged and burst into tears. Jenny hugged the old woman and tried to console her. Its was then Jenny’s eyes fell on impatient RJ. She patted his head and cuddled him. He started to lick her face. By his action it was clear how much he missed her.

Approaching footsteps in her direction and the goose bumps on the neck made it clear who was the person. RJ looked at Keagn and jumped on him. She was shocked to see RJ’s behavior. Mr Lewis said “he is just socializing, that’s what he does now most of the time”. It was then Kegan stretched his arm towards Mr Lewis and said “She is a brave woman, you must be proud of her”. He pointed out at his bandaged arm and said “if I am alive today then its because of her”. Saying that he gave a smile to Jenny and for minute she stopped breathing. Jenny still could not understand why he had so much effect on her. She looked at him and she was fascinated to see his Adams apple. She felt it was bigger than the usual. She giggled thinking it would be size of cricket ball it’s then all looked in her direction. She excused herself and went for a walk with RJ.

When finally her head hit the pillow she was dead tired. She was there when Kegan had fallen unconscious. She was not ready to leave him in that condition. She had gone to hospital with him. She had looked at him when he was sleeping. The more she looked at him the more she was attracted. Jenny pushed her bed cover aside and sat. She asked herself “what is happening to me?when he held me i fought him without interest, when he kissed me I couldn’t stop myself from responding…whats wrong?”. Its then her inner voice said   “may be you are falling in love with him..”. she was stunned  for a moment. She said to herself “this cant be happening, I still love Ron, I cant cheat him” Her eyes fell on Ron’s smiling pic and her eyes filled with tears. She held the pic to her heart and said “I don’t know what has happened to me Ron, I know what I am feeling for Kegan is wrong because I am yours, I belong to you and only you”.  It was pretty late night when finally she fell asleep.

It was 5 Am when Jenny got up in the morning.  She freshened up and went for jogging with RJ. Automatically her legs took her in the botanical gardens direction to which she had gone with Ron. She wanted to be alone and think. Even though it was far her mind filled with Ron’s thought she didn’t realized the distance. She looked at the park and patted Rj’s head. She said “I love this place you know, its so beautiful”. It was  so colorful with blooming flowers. She started to walk and RJ started to chase the butterflies. She looked at RJ and she remembered Dexter. They are almost alike she thought. She started to search the place where she had sat with Ron. When she approached the place she was shocked to find Kegan there. His eyes were focused on Jenny’s face.  Kegan smiled and said “looks like we keep on bumping into each other” .She said “what are you doing here Kegan?”. Kegan looked at RJ and said “what do you think people do in park? You got a lovely dog” and he whistled for RJ. Rj jumped on his arms and licked his face. Jenny was shocked to see RJ behaving like this. Kegan laughed and said “like his mistress even he likes me. Jenny ignored his remark and said “don’t play those cheap games with me Kegan. Tell me what are you doing in Delhi, I have never seen you before.” Kegan stood from his sitting place and said “I took a transfer  because …you know the reason”. When Jenny realized he was towering on her she took few steps back and said “go back where you belong, this is not your place”. Kegan walked towards her and said “I know where is my place”. He pointed out at her heart and said “and I love my place”. Jenny lost her calm and slapped him across his face and said “no you are not there, Ron is there and always he will be.  It takes more than damn fucking charm to enter a women’s heart.  And keep the distance with me Kegan”. He stood there watching her. Then he said “which part  is scaring you my jenny I entering your heart or Ron disappearing?” Jenny’s eyes filled with tears. She yelled at him “I am not your Jenny, I am Ron’s”. Kegan held her hand and said “why you waste your tears on your dead husband? i am sure even he wouldn’t have liked it”. Jenny pulled her hand and Kegan did not let it go. It was then Jenny saw Mr Lewis standing and watching them. Kegan followed her eye direction and started to walk towards Mr Lewis  pulling Jenny along with him. Calmly he said “good morning Mr Lewis. I don’t want to give a justification to my action which I am not ashamed of. I am sure it is clear that I like your daughter-in-law and it would be great honor to be a part of your family. Mr Lewis was bit taken as Kegan spoke. Kegan said “I talk to the point sir, I am sorry if I sounded harsh”. Jenny started to pull her arm while Mt Lewis scanned Kegan. He smiled looking at furious Jenny. He thought he would love to spend his rest of his life standing there watching her. With her puffed eyes and tear strained cheek she looked very cute he thought. He wanted to touch her black shiny hair which was scattered over her face. With MR Lewis staring at him slowly he let go Jenny’s arm.

“Good to see you Jenny”, when Gen Sachin Sharma’s voice hit Jenny she came to reality. She said “its good to see you too sir”. He stood in front of them. He said “you are not well Jenny? you look pale?”. Kegan said “good morning sir, I am Kegan”. Gen Sharma scanned Kegan for a minute and said “you seems to be new to this place. What’s with your arm?”. Kegan smiled and said “small accident sir”. When Gen Sharma left Mr Lewis said “Kegan come over lunch will have a talk”. Jenny didn’t expect her father-in-law say that. Angry with herself Jenny started to walk and RJ followed his dear mistress. Mr Lewis stood there and watched her daughter-in-law walk. He knew it sooner or later he have to decide.



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