Posted: April 16, 2013 in STORY


For more than a year I watched the dog every morning when his mistress took him for his morning walks. With the extra fat it was clear he was more than 7 years.  As a dog lover i couldn’t stop watching his walks, morning play with other street dog. When I saw the ladies affection towards the street dog I knew it she is a pet lover. When you are walking your Labrador you never even bother to see the street dog. But unlike other she used to talk to the dog and cuddle him. I liked her even though I didn’t know her. As I was standing on other side of the road I never got to talk to her or either of the dogs. Nonetheless I liked both the dogs. The street dog was very friendly. Whenever it saw people it wagged its tail for human affection.

This whole thing I used to stand and watch when I waited for my office cab. I was so much interested to watch them if they miss one day I used to wonder what has happened to the dog. Few days back I saw the lady but this time without her Labrador. As usual she came for a walk till temple entrance gate and stood there a for minute, prayed and went. On her way back she met this street dog. She patted on its head and spoke to him. I was sure something must have happened to her dog.


Due to some training I had to go to my office in other place near to my pg. As I waited with patience BMTC never even showed its face. It was then speeding bus came and I pushed even one and jumped on a window seat. When you travel in BMTC bus all you say is “chuck the etiquettes”. I checked my bags zip when a lady came and sat next to me. When I saw the lady she looked familiar. Yeah she was the same lady who used to walk her dog every morning. I opened my mouth to ask her then kept quiet thinking what if she will ask me 10 questions for my only one question. Again I opened my mouth and kept quiet. I know I wanted to have answer for my question. When I couldn’t take it anymore I started the conversation in Kannada “Excuse me mam, you used to walk your dog right, what happened to him? I didn’t see him from many days”. She smiled and said “he passed away”. She smiled and said “food poisoning, couldn’t do anything”. She smiled and said “you are from Mangalore”. I just nodded my head. When I speak in typical Mangalore Kannada even the rickshaw driver says “how well you speak, you are definitely from Mangalore”. So when she said that I just smiled. Then she continued “he was 8 years. I still miss him but what to do we don’t have control over death”. Then I said “the street dog is really nice right?”. So she said “yes, ther day when I was walking my dog it collapsed. I don’t know from where this street dog came and start to nibble my dog’s ears. Then it started crying”. My eyes filled with tears. Then I said “then what you did? I am sure you didn’t carry him”. She said “then my husband bought the car and we took him to the doctor. But doctor said his heart beat has already stopped”. She smiled and continued “my husband still not over his death. He had fever for one week”. She paused for a while and continued” He was 42 days puppy when we bought him. He wanted everything we ate”. I said “I know, its pretty hard when dog dies. So you are not planning to get a new dog?” She said “I told my husband but he is still not over him. Every person has their own way of getting over grief. I thought if new dog comes I can see my Balto in him”. I smiled and said “Balto, it’s a good name”. As her stop came she got down from the bus. But before getting down she gave me a broad smile and said bye.

I sat in my seat thinking about the dead dog, its grieving family members and the street dog. I know if they get new dog it can never replace Balto. You see all have their own identity. When my stop came I got down from my bus feeling sad over Balto’s death

  1. Gaurav says:

    It is the emotion which makes us(human) very different from other creatures(not sure if they have emotion…:P), we get emotionally attached with things around us, living non living…!!


  2. Savitha says:

    RIP Balto 😐


  3. jpdash252 says:

    Balto = Gem
    RIP 😦


  4. Sanyukta says:

    One should own a dog to know what loyalty means… sad that they dont get to live as long as us… 😦


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