SnL World…Happy Bday

Posted: May 11, 2013 in My Silly thoughts



Dear Reader

Its been two years since I stared to blog. This very same day my friend whom I used to call as “chick” created this blog and said “babes, this is your world, your space, write whatever you want”.  I started then and never stopped.

I am very grateful to my readers who always tell me how much they love reading my blog. When I started to write many said “you need polish”,” this is silly”, “this is..”….I used to feel low  but I never stopped writing because when people used to say whatever they felt I used to tell in my mind “tell whatever you want, I am never gonna stop writing you A** hole”(it was my fav word those days). And I never did. I listened to my heart and followed my thoughts. That’s what I tell my friends “follow your heart because it knows what you want”

Let me cut the crap. On this occasion when my blog is celebrating its 2nd bday I want to thank few people.

First my buddy jesus(very spiritual cant miss thus dude), then to my dad and mom who doesn’t even have a clue that I have a blog and I write all about them. My dad “old tiger” might get heart attack if he comes to know what I call him behind his back. My sis, bro-in-law, my bro(who never reads my blog), sis-in-law, my niece, nephew, Dsouza-Bros, Lobo cousins. This is where my “family-Thank you”  ends

Let me recall few of my regular readers who read my blog without fail. Loly, PU, Chinna, Shruthi, Shenoy, Shetty, Anil, Bangera, Mohith,Sukesh(wonder he ever reads it!!), Megha, Sushma, Savitha, Ranjitha,Shubha, Naseeba, Gavurav(he has the ability to be a good writer), Shilpa, DBC,Hari, KJ,Vinay, Vivek, Zeena flavy(first one to like my post), Patrik(he never misses my post), Patrao(Tells me to focus on writing style), Naveen, Pratheeksha, Vandy, Sunga, Amit, Poornima, Harsha, Chand I cant dare to miss this person “Roopitha” she always tells me how much she loves reading my blog and one more lady named “Preethi…”’s blog. I do envy when I hear the second nameJ but somehow I mange .If I missed anyone’s name I am sorry but  “thank you” please don’t stop reading my blog


Thank you all for being part of my blog. Hopefully I write some new logical, sensless, funny stuff soon and bring out smile on your face.


Happy bday SNL World







  1. Great.. Keep it rolling madame.. I am sure we all will continue to listen to you..


  2. deeks says:

    good job!!!!!
    hey i did some marketing of this blog …but only for gals ……
    but thy didn’t commented they told ” Nice Blog”


  3. Gaurav says:

    Congratulations…!!! and delighted to see my name,…also the comment, which reminds me the promise i made way back….!!!


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