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Posted: June 7, 2013 in GUEST!!!!


Raj: I know name sounds very very filmy. As he wanted to keep his identity secret he told me use this name. Professionally he is a techie and an excellent reviewer. When I write some article all he points out is my spelling mistakes and the incomplete flow. When I listen to his reviews all I want to do is strangle him to death. You see i hate good feed back. I calm down and make a note of his tips, useful ideas.Β  Must say his reviews helped me a lot .The English lingo’s he uses only English dictionary and Google can find. He is also a travel freak

Thank you Raj for being part of my blog:). Hope you write much more Cool stuff like this. all the very best


KA 42 M9772.. On yellow board. It seems to be jumping up and down. Oh wait, it is a bus, I notice. Pretty huge one at that. Weird of me to observe the number before seeing the bus, SRS travels. Oh SRS travels, I have travelled on it. Nice bus.. But… why is it going in wrong direction ? 973883. I read whatever I can see in the rain. Yellow color, White background. I am happy about the observational power at this hour of night. I see many lights passing by me. Think they are vehicles.

‘Tabooo’ I shout.. What am i doing behind this bus ? I am listening to Don Omar.. I increase the volume. I know the song.. The old one was called Lambada. The new one has the same tunes, but older one had better visuals. But new song is an OST as they call, for FnF. You know, Van Diesel.. Fast cars.. Lotza action.

I see the bus bus on my left, it is a long one. Guess I am overtaking it. I see the dark road again. I don’t see any street lights, I dont mind. I like it this way. Observe the speed for a full minute. I thinki am going at 80. Am I really.. That is too slow, for this time of of the day. I press the right pedal. I hope I will be able to break at the right turn.

I do manage to take it, I appreciate myself. I hope my boss was so appreciative too. He appreciate nothing, off course he hasn’t seen me taking right turns. I forgive him. Oh shit.. Not again. I break and stop. I see a huge line of vehicles stopped. I see some lights moving at the end of it. But not on the road. That must be the train. It never goes on the road. Guess I have to invent a train that goes on the road. Right next to the railway track I see a blue car. It is some 9 to 10 vehicles away from me. Well I have my new challenge. The moment the gate opens I have to overtake that blue car.

Gate has opened, I have crossed the track.. And I am overtaking the vehicles like crazy. ‘Rabiosa’ .. It is now Shakira. I like her in that hair style i think.. But what the f#%* it means ‘bite me in la voca’.. ? ‘Rabiosa’ i shout., the only safe haven for me to be a kid.. My car.. I can shout my heart out !

A street light seems to be very close.. Oh wait.. It is a motor cycle. I see the rider cursing me on close observation. ‘What do you think.. The whole road is yours ?’ I shout back. Of couse with all windows closed. Now I am very close to the blue car. Oh yes.. That is the one I have to overtake..

I press my accelerator as hard as i can. ‘ try racing with me again you f#*%^r’ ! I shout as I pass him. It is a wide open road now. Dont see any vehicles. I hate such roads… no excitement.

I am approaching very close to my destination. Wait ! where am I going ? And why ?. I, don’t quite remember. But I know it is my destination. There are few shops open.. I see a few people. It is still raining.

‘Thud.. Thud.’.. Sound seems to have come from under my car.

Hope it is a dog. ‘Coz all I ever have.. Redemption song’ chimes in Bob Marely.

  1. Chandini says:

    wao…! well written Raj (so named!) πŸ™‚ just the same way as thoughts ooze out of our cerebrum.

    well am curious now (as you left the ending to reader’s imagination) what had happened then? (if this is a real time occurrence from the past) flat tyre / dog or a homosapien died?


  2. Raj says:

    Thanks Chandini,Sylvia and V !

    Reg. your question Chandini, I guess the character himself/herself doesn’t know what happened. So, I am not sure if I can add anything to that. πŸ™‚


  3. Navee says:

    Nice work Raj…It justifies the title 100%, so it should not have any ending… By d way “Bite me en la Boca” is Spanish saying “Bite me in my mouth” (Kiss)


  4. Raj says:

    Thanks Navee. Well, you have found the literal meaning correctly. The driver is probably hinting of the action Shakira does, and possible double meaning πŸ™‚


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