When i met JackY

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Gallery


It was chilly when I was walking towards the parked bike.  Its then i saw the familiar figure. I smiled and whistled for the dog when i realized its Jacky who was sitting on the road. When my friend saw me whistling for the dog he said “are you crazy to call a street dog?”. I said “he is Jacky”. He looked at me and said “so you know this dog?”. I said yes, he is a street dog, i named him Jacky. He gave me one of his “you are crazy look” .When Jacky came running towards me he was shocked. Jacky looked very happy. After talking to Jacky for a while we both left. When i reached my pg i told my friend “dude i forgot to take his pic”. Without saying anything he turned his bike . He said “i dont think so he will be there”. I said “definitely he will be there, i bet on my grave”. When we reached the same spot Jacky was there waiting. Wonder for whom he waiting? his old owner who left him or to any new owner who is willing to take him. I said “come on Jacky i want to take a pic with you for my blog”. I smiled when he obeyed my command. After clicking pics when i said good night again he went and sat on his usually place. I left that place with my eyes filled with tears and a heavy heart.


  1. Sanyukta says:

    Street dogs are much more friendlier than pets… Seeking for a new owner to love them as u said 🙂 Love them ❤


  2. sylvia says:

    you show love to animal and they all like you…..may be you should meet Jacky sometimes


  3. deeks says:

    hey snl
    DOG name is jimmy n its fav is chicken ….
    very nice dog n friendly with ppl …..


  4. Navee says:

    Nice pose by Jacky.. I think, he can easily get a chance in movies…
    PS: Be cautious with stray dogs… I had too many bad experiences 😦


  5. jpdash252 says:

    street dogs are more friendlier , becoz dey neva get love like d pet ones …!!!
    and its a fact street dogs will neva forget u soon .


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