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Harsha Aithal: Never imagined he can write so well.  Whenever he writes he leaves a immortal spark. I hope(fake hope) that His weekends be filled with lots of fun and just fun. And congrats on that sexy bike of yours:) Harsha. I pray to god that soon a pretty lady will accompany you on your next trip
Thank you for being part of my blog. My wait for your article continues:)

Time to write something again, but first up a disclaimer, if some of you find this article a bit harshly or rudely written then you are right.. Because this was a result of a series of a mixed emotions on a Sunday morning in office! Yes, that’s right.. Such is Life  And nobody gets me wrong here.. I am not a stud or an “employee-of-the-year” to work on a Sunday. I prefer my holidays and weekends more than the salary and bonus or other carrots!! It is just that my weekend is left shifted starting from Friday ending instantaneously on a Saturday. God knows how many friends have I lost because of this and their marriages and receptions and other endless social commitments:) And the other thing about this piece of crap (I mean this article) is that I still haven’t decided upon the title yet.. Because I am not sure how it’s going to go. Or I will have to abruptly stop writing just because someone from my work life ping me on OC and drag me to some kind of madness. At this line, if you are still wondering why my weekend is left shifted, well, that’s because I work for a Dubai client and in that part of the world things are a little different including the weekends!! Should say it’s a series of mixed emotions, such a small brain and yet powerful enough to cope up with everything you throw at it (for most of us, but some go nimhans!). And the heart as always peaceful. (I completely understand if you think I am nuts after reading the last two sentences leading up to this!!).

And I should thank Sister Syl for letting people like me selfishly use her space to scribe madness in its sheer audacity, anonymously or otherwise!!

I have got this beautiful place in office to work. If I just slightly look up (the word “slightly” is important because the office has roof and it is just that I am facing the wall of tinted glass like in every office these days), blue sky and 2 layers of clouds. Very lazily moving top layer and just beneath them the darker rain clouds moving ferociously to a gathering to teach this humanity “who is the boss”. (Oh shit I have put my socks for drying outside in the terrace!)

Now I am getting a sense of what I am writing. I have recently bought this bike, Royal Enfield thunderbird 500 which is quite heavy considering both the money I paid and its weight. Well you might think I am showing myself off here, well that’s not the point (Even though it is exactly the point: p otherwise I could have just said “a bike”). I am feeling a real guilt here. I have always considered myself as an un-official president of PETA and Greenpeace. (And you don’t know what are these? well, then in that case, you are what I am writing about). I like greeneries, I like blue skies I like cats, I like dogs I like everything that is natural. I have made myself a commitment not to indulge in something that is harmful to Mother Nature. And yet I bought a bike! Like me lot of people are contributing to this destruction by paying hefty amounts. Well you might think nothing serious has happened till now, and it is true because we are inside this effect already for so long that we are getting used it. The temperature readings now in Bangalore are 6 to 7 degrees more than it used to be few years ago. We are so naïve about it that, one fine morning I read a news article about some students inventing a tech which could make a vehicle to go about 1000KMs with just 1 Ltr. of fuel and I posted this on FB. To my surprise hardly few people liked it. And it occurred to me that we are looking forward to a real 2012 to take anything seriously.

During one of the journeys back home, I saw this beautiful water fall near Sakaleshpur. It was in its full might as it was the rainy season. I was feeling happy for a few people who were there and stopped to appreciate it. Few moments later it all turned upside down for me. The same people threw water bottles, plastic covers everything into that falls!! And that explained me everything about humans. We might be superior in food chain but we still can’t predict when it is going to rain. And it is high time we realize that there is something even superior to us. We might have discovered a moon and other 7 or 8 planets but there other innumerable things which we have no clue about. The technology might give very few people (who can afford it) a very few days but extinction is inevitable if the rate of destruction continues like this. Well look around, Haiti, Pakistan, why so far did we all forget Tsunami’s. We spend hours discussing why someone lost a life by committing suicide and yet the same people are careless about some other people who die because of a flood or a draught. A person dies because of a thunderbolt and this news appears in a corner of a page in one of the dailies…

I have so much to say but I don’t think that will work out here, for conclusion, I would like to say this… When we these ACs and Refrigerators were farting CO2 like anything, mother nature opened up the ozone layer and as a result people fell sick very badly (referring to skin cancer and etc.) nature is mother, might well has a greater level of patience but it did open the ozone layer and it will open the door for human extinction. Our earth is a small molecule in this vast universe. It is answerable to its superior. It does everything in its power to save its existence. Sorry If have made anyone to come here and read this thinking that I have written some Girlfriend-Boyfriend story (you have been warned during the initial few sentences of this article 🙂 ). I felt, this is more serious than some pity human miseries. God bless us all. And God? Yeah it is nature for me. Fits into all the definitions of God. Creator, destroyer! – Which I think all the religions agree, even though they kill each other for other differences!!

I have given the title now as “Dark Clouds” as they inspired me to write this and by the end of this article, when I looked up like I did before I see more of them now. And I am eagerly waiting for another beautiful natural event – Rain

  1. deeks says:

    Bro good one “Dark Clouds”
    Royal En field Thunderbird 500-give me and naga we will use now …wht say


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