Meet Ramu alias AUTO

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Gallery



Today i went to meet Loly to her office. She hugged me and said “today ill show you auto”. I gave her a weird look and said “come on babes i see auto everyday”. She just smiled and dragged me with her to a place. She pointed out a dog and said “SnL meet Auto, Auto meet SnL”. I said “hi” to a confused dog. I stared at the dog wondering why they call him AUTO. Its then a old man near auto told him”Ramu, get up they want to click your pick”. Ramu obeyed his command and stood in his three legs. Then it striked why they call him AUTO.

I know its not easy to live with the missing body parts in this cruel world. But AUTO hats off to you. You are a true inspiration to mere human like us.


  1. dramahater says:

    short n sweet.. cutting all the crap.. thats nice


  2. Ruchi says:

    Like like like!! 🙂


  3. jpdash252 says:

    Ramu ki jai ….hes a dude


  4. Ruchi says:

    Oh!! How I miss him 😦


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