Listen to your HEART

Posted: July 26, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

listn to u r heart

How fortunate are the people who know what they want to achieve in their life. Some want to do Master degree, some wants to get married and have 3 kids(seriously???School fees are too high you have to reconsider your THOUGHT) and some wants…whatever. I just envy the people who are so sure about their goal. Do I have a goal?hmm that’s the question scared the hell out of me few days back

I fall in to this confused category who doesn’t know what they want, so they do what their parents say. When I was small I didn’t wanted to be doctor or an engineer, all  I wanted to be a police officer, because it was fun to catch a thief that’s what I learnt from the game Chor-Police. Time passed and my goal to become police officer became pretty famous because I was the only kid one who had this weird goal. Some more time passed and my goal to become a police officer changed in to become an engineer seeing my elder bro. It was just a goal anyways, I was never serious about it. World wall clock kept on ticking and one day when I opened my eyes I found myself in a lab filled with computers. Some people were coding while others were gossiping I closed my eyes after writing few lines for my poems thinking I will wake up when the professor enters the lab. I still don’t know the logic for Fibonacci number and palindrome number because I was from category “by heart line by line and execute”. When i saw my name imprinted in my masters certificate I looked into sky and said to myself “mera kya hoga?” Soon I learned the human race main target “money” with my interest in writing. Now don’t think that I have accounts filled with 4 or 5 digit numbers. How I wish my parents would have send to money-management course(does it even exist?)

I still have the hope that one day ill repeat one day I will write a master piece and will be officially called as a writer. Hope, I still have it even though my bones, my wrinkles constantly remind me of my age. My wait continues…..

That was my story, I know we all have our own stories. Due to parent’s pressure, due to confusion, due to some other reasons we end up doing things which we don’t like it by HEART. Recently I read the famous “The Alchemist” and I loved it. It talks all about your destiny, your interest and listening to your heart , taking risk…. Even I felt the same thing “Listen to your heart because it knows whats good for you”. Instead of jumping into the well of engineering , MBBS or MBA jump into a well of your interest. At least your soul will be in peace. To follow your heart you should be a warrior most of all you should be brave enough to stand up this questioning world. Don’t ever think that you are tooo old to follow your heart. Always remember its always our body which gets old; our heart , spirit are the things which will remain young no matter what.

If you are curious about me following my heart then here is the current scenario ..”I started to read again after long time remembering my own dialogue “to be  a writer you have to be a great reader”. I keep my eyes open to find interesting topic to write something, I envy seeing my friends posing somewhere across the seven seas wearing some trendy in front of some famous monument. I like the pic and then look into void and tell myself “WTF, its been 3 years my passport is dying to get stamped and here I am liking others pic”. I log out of my FB account and check my phone. When my friends display pic in whats-app pricks my wounded soul I throw my phone on the bed and pick a book to read. When my eyes fall on the writers name slowly I turn the pages and read about “About the author”. With a hope young as new born baby I continue to read with a smaile soon very soon people will be reading about meJ

  1. jpdash252 says:

    claps claps claps all again…. ek dum mast !!!! bole to jhakassly written……
    i think d time has come wen, to seek u r advice n write something 🙂


    • sylvia says:

      Thank you:)…hell no to the second part….i believe there is always a hidden writer inside everyone. We just have to wake him up….thats all:)


  2. Navee says:

    Inner feelings of everyone, nicely penned down !! We r eagerly waiting for the book to read about author SNL 🙂 Keep the price with in limits of Techie’s budget..


  3. Gaurav Parashar says:

    yup agree to the fact that jump into your choice well…!! I am not sure about “if you read more you could be a good writer”…:S..!!As i read a lot and when start writing could not finish a single paragraph..:(, and lastly I am waiting for that book which read written by SNL..:P


  4. Dunil says:

    Cool one 🙂


  5. deeks says:

    good one !!!!
    what you said it’s a real fact …but one thing -someone should be there to guide U then it’s easy to decide ..


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