Rascal outside the chickEn stAll

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Gallery



My patience is my spirit, my hope is my energy. I dont care about the rain, not even the cold winter. I wait , wait and just wait with hope. The butcher slaughters the chicken without any mercy while other chicks shiver anticipating their death. The annoying sound from my tummy reminds me of my hunger. Without pity i stare at the half opened eyes of the dead chicken. Finally butcher throws a small piece at me and says “catch it rascal”; i wag my tail as gratitude and catch the chicken piece in air. I thank god or my food and also pray to him to not to make me a chick in my next birth. I take a stroll when half of the world take their noon nap. Once refresh, back in my space i wait. i dont care the hours nor the days. My wait continues…….

  1. jpdash252 says:

    yet again small n short …….i love d way u think for a dog all dogs will read dese blogs one day n will praise u …….keep up d good work Snl.


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