I lost IT? Still I have IT?………………………HUMANITY

Posted: August 8, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

When I saw a old couple approaching the bus stop I admired them. Not because they were old but because at this age they were still together. As there were no seats next to me they went and sat in the next row. Because of the noise I couldn’t make out which language they were conversing in, but I heard Airport. As I travel to my office in Airport bus I thought I could help them with their luggage. It was just a thought. I am not a great person when it comes to starting a conversation that too strangers. Old lady was seated with all the luggage while the old man was checking the bus timings. How I wanted to drag him back to his seat and say “sit here, dont move, its not safe to roam in bus stop”. I was scared that something will happen to him, and old lady will be alone after that. May be its effect of watching so many Hindi serials and movies. Finally airport bus came and I took my all courage and went and asked the old lady “are you going to airport?”. She smiled and said “No”. I stated to giggle because I put two and two together and made it 6. However I said bye to the lady and said a prayer for their safe journey and got into the bus.


Getting seat in crowded Airport bus is not easy. You should be smart enough to grab a seat before anyone else could do . Somehow I got a seat and started playing Temple Run. After a while I was bored running on the same tracks and jumping to I said bye to “Guy Dangerous” and put my head phones on. Without my knowledge my head started banging slowly to the beats of “Lungi Dance”, my current favorite song. I was in all high spirits if the bus was empty may be I would have danced a bit.

Its then I turned to my left and saw a physically challenged guy who was standing with his walk stick. I saw him again to verify my discovery. My heart said “get up,show humanity”, while my lazy legs said “sit, the guy next to you will give his seat. You are a woman, compare to guy you are weak. The guy should give up his seat. Shame on him if he doesn’t”. 5Minutes passed and physically challenged guy was still standing. While I was trying to ignore the guy. My heart was shouting but I shut my ears to its voice. I felt ashamed when the guy sitting next to me got up and gave his seat. I asked myself “you still have humanity?”.


My back hurts and heart feels heavy with guilt. When I wanted to help, people were happy without my help. But when people wanted my help I showed my back. Clicking street dogs pics and uploading in a blog doesn’t show your humanity. When you show some sympathy, love to your fellow guy it shows the humanity. I hope in future I listen to my heart and act accordingly with no guilt and regrets


  1. Navee says:

    U ll get chance… as everyday someone needs your help… 🙂 🙂 Good and Thought provoking one..


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