Posted: August 24, 2013 in POEM

Cant take it any longer, not any more

Your silence, your numbness

Make the ice wall vanish, Please!!!

Just for once cant you listen to me?

I may sound crazy and lunatic

How I wish you take some pain

To know the real me inside the crazy frock

Yeah, how I wish you just care for once

Eyes, face, heart I asked myself what I saw in you

That I cant stop thinking about you

Its love…? infatuation…? I don’t know what the fuck it is

Sleepless nights, haunted dreams I lost the count

I wont nag, I wont crib, I promise

I will be content holding your hand

Talking in silence and listening to unspoken words

Cant you just give me another chance?

You don’t care, never cared

I don’t complain even though I want to

How I wish I can live like you

So cold, so calm and ignorant

I may not be Cinderella all pretty pretty

I may not be 21st centuries hot chick

But still I have the heart which dances like peacock

Just thinking about you; is this not enough?

May be we are roads which never meet

Cant you just enjoy the short journey

With my expectation just with your presence

Trust me I will make this journey unforgettable

You might find someone better than me

Might find worlds happiness in her bosom

I wont mind to be the sweet history

Which you recall when your low and smile

I wish you all wonderful things

Only good things never bad

If you ever plan to turn back you will find me

There where you left me; waiting with HOPE

Please Note: un-necessory question like “who is the guy?”, “you in love”……bla bla questions will not be entertained. Its and attempt to see whether i can be a poet(i know i am too far away…but what is there in trying:))

  1. Navee says:

    “I wont mind to be the sweet history” Awesome line 🙂


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