Prema Driver

Posted: August 24, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

In this 2013 women can compete with men equally in all fields. She can do everything which man can do. In fact women can do things which men cant. Woman can give birth to baby can a man give birth to baby?.

As my fate is undergoing some renovation I have to travel to office by BMTC bus. So today I happen to board the bus driven by a lady driver. With her oily forehead and tightly folded hair in a bun I knew it she is a lady who doesn’t like any kind of disturbance while driving. I looked at the conductor who was saying “if this lady drives like this with low speed definitely its going to be late”. I smiled understanding his male ego. As the bus reached 4th block Jayanagar a speeding bus tried to over take our bus. In this process of who will reach the bus stop first the other bus driver didn’t even cared even when his bus literally smooched our bus mirror. Instead of stopping he increased the speed and fled. My energetic typical gossip monger ladies co-passengers started yapping “that driver doesn’t even care because she is a lady driver…”. There was a lady in the bus who told the conductor to go and complain while conductor shook his hand in air and gave a dry smile. I picked my bag and hurried towards the door. I felt like telling the conductor that he should stand by his team partner rather than being naive. I got down from the bus and stood on my platform waiting for my bus. Suddenly my eyes fell on the same lady who told the conductor to complain talking to some officer. When I spotted the lady driver along with this lady I felt ashamed. I am educated in fact post graduated and what I did do when I had to support the lady driver? like other people I escaped with my excuse. That was second time in the same month something inside me was shaken.

I boarded my bus with my head down. When my bus driver saw the lady driver he said “Prema driver cant handle the situation…..” as a response conductor said “yes she cant handle, its not gonna work…”. I heard a voice saying “No you are wrong, Prema driver is a wonderful driver and it was other drivers mistake not her”. I was proud of myself when I realized it was my voice which silenced the conductor. He was startled to see Prema driver’s supporter. He gave me the ticket and said “hmmmm,” and escaped from the place.

Its not easy for women to work in midst of male animals. 90% of female employees are harassed by their male colleagues or superiors. Wonder why men cant digest the fact that even women can do things like them (except they cant stand and pee in public). May be they are still old fashioned where women’s were considered to be dependent, helpless and meant only for pleasure and household work. Time has come when men change their stupid, male mentality and respect independent smart intelligent woman

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