Long live Friends n FriendShip

Posted: August 31, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


With the plastic filled with my household things when I started to walk on the busy road on Friday evening my eyes fell on those boys. I stood there watching them while they sat together on the footpath talking, giggling not caring much about the dirt and dust around them. It was their laughter which caught my attention. I hesitated for a while and then I asked the kids “do you mind if I take a pic?”. Surya the gang leader looked at me with his curious eyes and then he snuggled closer to his buddies and posed for the pic. I thanked them for their support and gave them a chocolate to share. The moment they saw the chocolate they started fighting for it.

I picked my plastic and started to walk with a smile. I said bye to Surya , but his eyes focused on the chocolate told me that he is least interested in my farewell.  As I crossed the road I heard their fight over the chocolate and their mom, vegetable vendor scolding them in their local language. I just wonder to myself “life would have been so lame and bald if one had to live without friends. Friends are someone who doesn’t hesitate to sit on the dirt or dust with us, they make us smile, share our burdens, they fight with us and for us,teach us bad words….. In this long run of life good friends are our true master. Cheers to friendship

I know again I am late compare to the August calendar. Then I ask myself “who said we have to celebrate friendship day only on a particular day?”. As long as we have friends beside us every day is a friendship day. Long live FRIENDS and FREINDSHIP

  1. Vinay R Rao says:

    This is nice!! 🙂


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