Happy Journey

Posted: September 11, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

Travelling by BMTC-ordinary bus is like the pain which women go through during their second day of menstruation cycle; painful, frustrating and tiresome.

As my colorful Enjoy-office-cab days are over I am forced to travel by BMTC bus.  While Ladies act as Rudra kali’s in the first half while gents act as waiting hounds in second half.  May be days tiredness, frustration on husband, Fu***ing work is reason of ladies disappointment, I don’t know. While some ladies act so calm and cool some ladies fight nose to nose and say “watch out your tongue”, “what you think yourself?”….i see those brave female warriors and laugh saying “from where they still have the energy to fight at the end of day. Some times watching the fighting hens I wonder whether they start to pull hair or punch on nose. While the ladies act as time bomb ready to blast anytime gents acts as peaceful Gnadhis. Eyes focused on opposite sex they look non-violent creature in the whole world.

When the passenger fight for their place, seat and freedom to fart CONDUCTOR is the only one who seems to enjoy the situation. No matter how big elephant is standing on his way, he makes his way from one corner to other. When he starts his journey he yells ticket ticket. He reminds the men which fall on him that’s he is pretty straight and forgets his manners and enjoys the feel when he enters the EVES section. He falls, touches and sometimes gives a proof of a THING which other members of his clan are ready with; Deadly weapon. No matter whether the bus is empty or crowded women think twice before approaching the boundary of deadly armed men.

Travelling by crowded BMTC bus is not an easy thing. You should be smart to act, intelligent to talk, soldier to fight.  Sometimes even a small journey teaches us a good lesson. Nonetheless Happy journey

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