Posted: October 22, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
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Monday blue or Sundays curse I dont know what it was when I started to walk twords the main road I had a bad feeling. I adjusted the weight of my bag on shoulder and waved at a empty rickshaw. When I told the auto river the destination he took a minute and then after his calculation he said said 20 rs extra on the meter. With my patience melting like ice I gave him a “die in hell look” and walked away. After 5 minutes I repeated the same process above and auto driver said “80 rs, lots of traffic…”. When he sat there blabbering all I wanted to do was hold his head in my short hand and shake it like how my dad does with coconut to check whether they are tender or not. When I couldn’t take it any longer I said “do one thing, take of that F*** meter and throw it in the deep pit, anyways its not useful for you”. He gave me “you are crazy” look and left


Its a common thing in ‘Namma Bangalore’, they don’t know to use, in fact hey don’t want to use Meter . Most of the auto drivers wont come to the place where you want go and others who are willing don’t want to strain their meters. Other day when I took out my cousin; who is from “aamchi Mumbai” she was shocked listening to my bargain with the auto driver. She said “this doesn’t work in Mumbai, people don’t travale without meter”. I smiled and said “here its common, they think we have money plants. When they spin their auto in all roads they think all we have to do is pluck money from that plant. Buggers!!” My cousin just smiled, may be she was happy to be in Mumbai I thought. Auto drivers here have no rules and regulations. Rules they make and nobody above them to stop. They charge 1 and half before the time, choose long way when meter is on , they literally loot the passenger. When the person is new they rob him without mercy. Wait a second did I mention about the torture women have to go through sitting in the back seat while 2 mirrors are focused on them?Instead of seeing the vehicle coming from backside they see the woman sitting, they stare and sometimes they….well you can imagine. There were cases where I almost jumped from running auto.


Don’t conclude that all auto drivers are bad and cruel. There are some auto drivers who so so good. They use meter, choose the shortest road, guide you if your new to place. They respect you and make yourself wonder “good auto driver exists in Namma Bangalore?”. Their honesty simplicity makes you go gaga.


There were many times I wished to fly like superman. I felt there’s no big deal in flaunting your plane,lame,red underpants and flying from place to place with the super cool cape. No bargain, no torture, no flying, no meter. All you have to do is fly high flaunting your underpants


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