Posted: November 14, 2013 in My Silly thoughts



Other day I was sitting in MacD and having my burger while I saw couple of school boys came running from nowhere to the Take Away counter. When they realised no one was there thy came rushing inside and flicked tomato ketch-up packets and went back  in the same speed with their feast filled with those packets. I sat there admiring them, how I wished I could join in their “flick ketch up from MacD” game.

What I miss more about my childhood is school uniform, irritating teachers,  dirt from the ground, plaited-oiled-hair, itching lice, tiring homework, head ache exams, haunted marks card, scary complaints, parents gyan, friends sympathy, gossiping, copying for the class test, talking about guys voice changing scenario and gals egg producing technique, prayers before every hour, cursing the nuns, bribing the god before exam,…….. How I wish I could turn back time and be in 1std again a. How I wish to become an innocent kid.!!!

Today I wished my friends Happy children’s day, some wished me back while others said “hahahha!!!its time you produce kids and celebrate parents day rather than children’s day”. I wanted to tell them how wrong they are. There’s always a child inside us no matter how old we are. While some mask and hide that everlasting kid while others proudly show the presence. I am proud to say that the KID inside me is still active ,young and visible.

Let the mischievous child inside you guide and take you there where you always wanted to be laughing, making fun and living a carefree life. Let us slide and swing like how we used to without worries and tension. Wishing you all, Young and Old HAPPY CHILDRENS DAY. Cherish the child inside you!!!

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