DADY Look at me……

Posted: December 10, 2013 in POEM
I opened my eyes to find my dear dad
Standing near the window watching the world
while I rested my head on my mothers warm chest,
wrapped in all warm clothes.
How I wished to be held by those strong arms
which were distant and folded out of reach.
Looking at his back I thought
may be a baby boy would have made him smile.
But daddy, I could have made you happy with all my love
How I wish you just look into my eyes
where you can see only love for you.
I would hold your hand when you walk.
I won’t let you out of my sight.
Will make you smile with my small company.
Will accompany you in your every journey
When you are not well, I will take care of you
If my marriage is the reason of your worry,
dont daddy, I can take care of the small things.
When I need you, be there for me.
Thats all I have to ask for, not money or gold.
When I have your blood running in my veins,
I dont care about the worldly things.
When you are old and I will be your walking stick.
I would protect you from thunder and storm.
Just turn back dady, I am no less than a boy.
I am part of your body and flesh.
Ohh daddy, how can you hate me when you dont know me.
I used to sleep listening to you when I was inside the womb
Dont you want to talk to me now?
After all I am your little girl
I promise, one day i will make you proud.
You will be my hero till the world ends.
I wont irritate you or bug you.
Your love is all I want daddy.
Just look at me, for once.
I will wait for you daddy, to look at me,
to be held, I’ll wait and wait patiently.
Until then I will live with my love for you
nurses come and hurt me with needles
How I wanted you to protect me from
all those who hurt me.
How I wish daddy, How I wish!
Dont be so cold and numb!!
Even the needle can’t hurt me
more than your indifference towards me.
When I was inside mummy, you were so nice and good.
Your hand on mummy’s tummy used to assure me
everything will be alright when I am out.
But within a fraction of second everything changed.
You don’t want me anymore.
Don’t want to touch or protect me.
How I wish I was a boy just to make you smile.
Dady look at me please…..

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