Dont JudgE and you wont be JUDGED

Posted: December 12, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
After a run-to-catch-bus i was trying to catch my breath sitting in the air-port bus. In Bangalore most of bus first few seats face each other. Wonder why they have that weird seating arrangement.
When you are bored you can stare at the person sitting opposite to you. Whatever, with my opposite seat empty i sat there wondering how long it might take to reach my pg. Next stop a guy dressed in khaki got into bus. He was in his late 60’s. I dont know why i got the impression that he is driver by profession of BMTC bus; may be his uniform or the tiredness on his face forced me to think that way.

He tried to sit on the place which is meant to keep the luggage. He tried but when he realized he cant balance he walked passed me. He didnt sit opposite me may be sitting in opposite direction makes him giddy i thought. He asked a guy who was seated behind me to give him some space so that he can sit in the empty seat next to the guy. So this guy said “i cant move my lugugae is there, find some other seat, i am getting down in next stop”. So this guy in late 60’s sat in the side seats where balance plays important roles. One wrong break from driver and boom you are on the floor. The old man sat there.

Few stops passed and I was just wondering why the the guy sitting behind me din’t get down. Old man got up from his seat and asked “which stop you getting down”. The man said “whats your problem, han?didn’t you get other seat?”. Arrogance, bad attitude was sparkling all over his language. I didn’t say anything even though my tongue itched i sat there with pity for the old man.Old man said “seats are meant for the passenger and not your luggage. I  have heart problems…….”. The arrogant beast said “There are other seats, go and find, go away, you old man”. With that heard the old man walked away and sat again on the side seat.

I sat there wondering what made the arrogant beast  treat the old man that way. Just because he was dressed in wrinkled khaki uniform and ordinary lunar’s slippers?just because he couldn’t smell Davidoff’s Cool water on him? just because he was not wearing Louis Philips ironed shirt and Van-heusen’s well fitting trousers?. Days are so bad that people judge based on the clothes but not the behavior? Bible says “dont judge others and you wont be judged. (I know this is the second article where i am mentioning the BIBLE. Dont think that i have taken the oath of celibacy or i am on my way to become “The great nun, SnL”.).

While getting down from the bus i looked at the man sitting behind me and said in my mind “every dog has its own day you arrogant camel and your day is very near”.

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