2014 Bring ME Something NEW……

Posted: December 31, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

With few hours left to kick 2013’s ass we are super excited to welcome 2014 with open arms. Some have big plans to hit the dance floor and shake their hips to the dj’s tune, some are attending the prayers , while others have big plans to booze and get sloshed and yell from top of their voice “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. We all have out own way of celebrating new year

wife doesn’t cook, hubby snores, kids don’t study, teenagers eager to do hands on their theoretical subject “sex”,never kissed, always single, still virgin, gal friend is shopping maniac, boy friend concentration diverts when he gals, 377 not approved by SC, fake hike promise in working place, increasing obsession with rape crime, innovative murders….with the disappearing old year how we wish,hope that those problems to disappear without trace. “New year resolution” is a tradition which most of the people resolute to do,implement in new year. Fun part is second month of the new year New year resolution will be long forgotten and resting in peace somewhere. hope this new year brings us something brand new it can be new car, dog, new cook, or new underwear.

With our heart lit with spark of hope when the new year knocks at the door that soon those problems, crisis will disappear with the old year. Wishing you all prosperous(lots of money, joy), fruitful(plenty of kids if married, good bf/gf if single), fun filled(if are loner), sexy(if you are looking for make over), adventurous(if you love adventure), peaceful(who doesn’t like peace) HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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