Mother of Mine

Posted: January 8, 2014 in GUEST!!!!

SumeshSaumesh Bangera: Thats the guy’s name who wrote this beautiful poem. Even though i dont know a thing about him,all i can say is with the cropped hair like that and mind rolling writing skill like this he would have captured many peoples heart. Specially Gals!!! With opening innings of  just21 i am sure he will make it big some day.

Wish you all the very best. Hope you write many more poems and occupy some more space in my “GUEST” category.Thank you SB for being part of my blog


Oh Mother!

get up now, cant u see me crying?

wipe ma tears up and reassure me “honey…  everthing’s  gonna be fine”

Get up mother! oh mother of mine……..

They say “your mother’s a whore.

she was a weed. hell is what she needs.. and hell is where she has to go”

but what they dont know is that they are blessed and she wasnt so

they have their highs and she had only been through the lows

they havent seen hardship.  If they did, they would know.. poverty only grows

 they dont know she had a husband nowhere to who  left

He quit his end leaving behind his wife and kids to settle his debt

Failing of which, the bill collector asked her to make his bed

and when she refused, she was blamed of money theft

we were hauled out of our own house and on streets we slept

This Society didn’t  do any cause when for food we begged

No one counted the days we just wept

All they did was stand there and see my little brother dying  unfed”

Her husband abandoned,

within days, she found a dead son

and this society….. this so called fucking “society”

well, it had its fun

We could have quit, just like my dad do

but she said “may be we could just move”

And so we moved ,,,,,from where we stayed to a new state

we did wait.. but later on we had enough food in our plates

as she got a new  job and some new mates

I was happy as it was going good.. infact, great

I was going back to school. the one best to date

but this beautiful life was a trade

yes a trade…

all the money was because others had her body to borrow

Others paid her and made love to the soul which was already dead of sorrow

the fact was too hard for me to swallow

she saw it in my eyes and could take it no more

The last thing she wanted is for me to know that her mother was a whore

I turned a blind eye to her cry,

I acted deaf when she was talking

I shut the door and started walking

But then, I realized may b she had no choice

When I returned I could hear the choke in her voice

” I am sorry” was written on a bloody note

She was lying down and I could see the slit in  her throat

I want to tell her I love her no matter what

and she is the best mother  without a doubt

I want to tell her she was my mother and not a whore

but she can hear me  no more

Now, I am holding her in my hands

hoping if she could give me a second chance…

 Oh Mother!

get up now, cant u see me crying

wipe ma tears off and say “honey, everthing’s gonna be fine”

Get up mother! oh mother of mine……..

  1. deekshitha praveen says:

    Amazing as always 🙂
    Keep writing…


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