Sunday eSpeciaL

Posted: January 12, 2014 in My Silly thoughts


When I was on my regular-Sunday-walk my eyes fell on this guy who was selling ground nuts. With his veerappan-moustache and monkey cap the old man looked so cute that I couldn’t resist myself from clicking his pic. When I asked him “sir, can I take your pic?”. He smiled and gave me thumbs up.  When I focused my lens he smiled and removed his cap, showed his un-brushed teeth and said “click now”. I said “sir you look more handsome with that cap”. He placed the cap on his head and adjusted his clothes again and again. I smiled seeing the old man’s excitement.  May be nobody clicked his pic except for the voter id card. Then I said to myself “who doesn’t like to smile at the camera”. After clicking the pic I thanked the old man. He gave me one of his best smile as a gratitude.

Even though he was old his spirit was young like kid. Don’t let the time and age affect your spirit. Live your life never before

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