I don’t wanna be GROWN UP

Posted: January 13, 2014 in My Silly thoughts


Watching my niece grow up my heart burns with jealousy, it’s not that I don’t love her its just that I so want to be her.  Roam in under pants in public, cry without hiding tears and gain sympathy, hugs and kisses every now , She can pull her underpants when it gets stuck between the narrow space and then comes the most important part she can fart anywhere she wants any times she wants and proudly can claim the ownership. She adds salt to my wounds by proudly calming the ownership of her fart without 0.5 paisa shame. She doesn’t care anyone or anything except for her dads wooden scale. She yells from top of her voice when she is frustrated or annoyed. She suddenly tells to stop the car when she wants to pee and nobody dares to say anything to her because she is a kid. She rolls over the floor and cries when she wants chocolates. She is not scared of society where she live nor the people whom she talk. She laughs whenever she wants and talks no matters anybody listens or not. Dark black blanket shining with stars seems to be a miracle to her. She is least bothered about age and gender. She walks in front of crowd and makes friendship with strangers. She moves her bum and dances in her own way not caring about what people think. She tells her mom when she wants to pee and poop not bothering to see if anybody else is listening. She sings her own song in her own tune. Even though she doesn’t know ABCD she writes her own word. She points her fingers at our dog and says “Tequi’s boobies”. She roams everywhere with lollypop in her mouth. Then when finally she is tired she sleeps with her bum up. When somebody goes to wake her up she closes her eyes and says “don’t disturb me, my sleep is still pending”. Like a proud ambassador she uses only Jonson and Jonson product.

How I wish I can be her and live my life without any tension. With her by my side I do become like her pinching and making her cry. My mom reminding me that she is the kid and I am the grown up I feel it is pretty difficult to be grown up

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