Posted: February 13, 2014 in My Silly thoughts
Is wearing red and telling world that you have somebody by your side is love?or sending bunch roses paying 200rs for each with message “hugs and kisses” is love?or simply looking into those pretty eyes,  saying “i love you ” with whole heart is love ?or buying those red lingerie displayed in the expensive shops to make that night special is love? or bunking the college and occupying one of the corner seat under canopy tree in public park making out in public is love? or simply walking miles holding hands in silence  is love?Reserving a table in one of the most expensive restaurant, drinking exotic red wine wearing the expensive clothes is love?or simply eating your wife cooked rice and Dal and pickle without complaints is love? .. to be honest i have no clue. But i believe Expensive gifts,perfume,flowers,lingerie(may be required) are unnecessary when you love someone with whole heart. I feel when you cant live without someone whom you miss passing every minute, whom you care about in spite of knowing their bad qualities, whom you can understand with closed eyes is, love. When you meet someone like that don’t let her/him go because you never know whether that’s the only one unique piece god created or there are multiple pieces with defects.

With your mind body soul ruled by some one dear and near i dont think if you love somebody you  need any special day to express your love or you need some day to gift them.This valentines day renew your oath to love, respect and understand your partner, again . If you are married you still have whole life to complain about your partner, if your single “Happy independence day”.Dont worry you are not loser, open up the beer and relax you are one lucky ass who is living your life on your own terms.I pray to god that all singles soon find that someone special without whom your life is incomplete and by next valentines day you change your status from Single to Committed. Best Wishes from Snl. If you are planning to propose someone, go ahead take a chance whats life without risk. Rejection, slap…thats the maximum can happen. But it will save your money,time,petrol and energy. Nonetheless wish you all Happy valentines day; Hope you find your missing part this Valentines:)


  1. deeks says:

    good one !!!!


  2. Gaurav says:

    Love is feeling, which i think do not require any medium of transmission(gifts, i love u 100 times in a day, etc…..) Its a feeling for some one, without expectations(this is what i think).


    • sylvia says:

      🙂 looks like u disappointed u r lady love…But its true you dont need a special day to express your love. there are 364 days to express whats there deep down inside your heart


  3. Gaurav says:

    I hope i have not..:P


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