Hello!!!!…..Any part time “Editor” on earth alive?

Posted: March 25, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

Here’s golden sorry platinum opportunity to bring out the englisk ka baap “oxford” and english ka grandpa “wren martin” within you. click on button and be part of the blog.


As the owner and publisher of SnLWorld is lazy,busy and lazy again(very lazy) she(in other words me) is looking for a editor. Who can edit the write ups(specially stories because their damn lengthy) accordingly and bag the title of “Official Editor of SnLworld. Those who are interested you dont have to send the resume to my id:sylvianavina@yahoo.com instead send me a simple mail saying “you are crazy and smart enough to accept the job”

Job Description:

  • Questions regarding the stories are not accepted
  • Suggestion to change the flow will be burned with kerosine
  • stories needs to be updated within the times allocated. Laziness and negligence will e considered as …..(hmm what the hell!!…which word they use next??…hmm..time to change the sentence)….hmm(still not happening). In one word negligence and laziness wont be tolerated(this looks fine)
  • Comparing SnL stories with other stories will defiantly harm your post or may be life(not sure)
  • Good feed back is appropriated with pat on your upper back and negative feedback with a whack on your lower back
  • Sick leave, casual leave are unavailable during the editing work


What you will take home:

  • Joy of working with great(great dane dog is more famous than Snl) personality
  • To be the first person to know about the new write up
  • Little pain to correct, understand the the meaning of the half eaten words
  • Some goodies accordingly to the occasion
  • One time Lunch/meal depending on the editing work
  • Occasional free hugs depending on the SnL moods
  • Mind blowing appreciation if your work meets the standard
  • Credit of turning the ugly, uncorrected story to beautiful, corrected queen of stories

Interested candidates please hurry limited time only(if I get one mail ill keep matha ka jagratha)

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