A for Aloma n Alan

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Its Their CORNER



Life is so boring without copy cat bro



This i do when all are watching….when thy dont i just bite him



Cant you cant sit quietly for a minute you big Jackfruit!!!




Alan will you move bit…i cant lift you. You are too heavy…What mommy feeds you anyways?



Be happy with Nappy




Dont mess up with me….but you can with my bro…..



Love you Sister even though you are big nautanki


Intro: Aloma Lobo three years old and her brother Alan Lobo one. Aloma loves to dress up and roam while Alan loves to run and play. Alan loves his sister so dearly he wants to do everything his sister does. A n A are very blessed because SnL is their COOL aunt.

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