LIFE is BEAUTIFUL ….. Learn to LOVE it

Posted: May 14, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

Few days back had been to oldest sweet ruling city Calcutta. With faded paint , shabby Tram, friendly architecture, Clay tea cups ruling the city I felt homely. With trendy lamp post grabbing all my attention, plants plated on either side of the road made my nostrils blow with fresh oxygen. Life seemed to happy and nice to be there.

I never thought a dreadful feeling will haunt me after visiting “Shishu Bavan”, a place where orphan kids, infants live under the protection of nuns. When I saw the 100’s of empty cradles with Micky mouse print bed sheet I felt how lucky are we who know our parents, how lucky are we who were held and fed by our mothers, how lucky are we who were always surrounded by people who loves us, How lucky are we , family members know our name.

Name plate hung on the cradle, soundlessly sleeping babies, happily feeding ayah’s , retarded babies, polio infected babies…….One look at them and you know the value of life. There was this cute little gal without legs looking at me with. When I looked at her I felt her eyes telling me something “I am born this way, burden to my parents so I am here”.. when I couldn’t look at her I walked away with heart filled with sorrow and pain. When we entered another room I was shocked to see just born babies sleeping. There were twins, pre-mature babies, healthy babies, physically challenged babies sleeping without tension and worries. There were in that place because they were the result of un-safe sex,or parents didn’t wanted a girl child or they were physically challenged. I also saw some couple who came for adoption. Few lucky babies will be adopted while other are left out to stay there with loving nuns and heart which eagerly waiting for some love

Later that day I visited old age home, A place where old parents are left on their own because kids don’t have time for their old parents. Same kids for whose sake parents worked hard to give better life and good education. I saw pain and hurt which was beautifully masked in their eyes. There was this old lady with her daughter. Her toothless smile and love for her daughter was unique. If her daughter is not around she goes in search of her everywhere calling her name with teary eyes. The bond she share with her daughter is so special.


When I walked away from that place I realized many things


  • Live your life stop complaining
  •  Life is beautiful, learn to love it
  •  Life is mixture of joys and sorrows. Little bit of joy and little bit of sorrows adds flavors to makes human life complete
  • Good things will happen in their own time, be patience
  • Stop comparing, you are special in your own way
  • You are blessed, you know your mother and father

If you have problems do not worry every dark cloud have a reason and every reason have something special for you

  1. Terence says:

    Very thought provoking Sylvia… Live life and love it… Truly agree


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