Posted: May 15, 2014 in Its Their CORNER


Hiiiiiiii everyone, its me Maya and my little kid bro Kevin



Kevin and mommys Selfi.. One of my favourite pic



school time

With cool uniform like this who doesnt  want to go to school?



I can handle spoon very well; you see i love to be independent:)


micky n mini

Micky and Mini(unfortunately mommy didnt get the costume)



With cute little eyes, innocent smile and those dimples he makes everyone fall in love with him




I am daddy’s favorite apple pie


2 mnkeys

Ok Mommy, can you repeat everything you said from beginning?



All set to go to school


i am a star

Aint i look classy?



Not now daddy, i have to powder my nose before you click my pic




Sorry dady no place for you:)

Few words from their Mommy:My little hearts Maya Jennifer Sera and Kevin Tej Sera smiles,cries,dramas huh never to forget their mischief, that’s like a perfect combo. Kids!My GOD they can drive you crazy but at the same time can get an instant smile even if your day goes bad with tiny little things they do. We are blessed to have you two little darlings in our lives. Our life start with them and end with them.Life cant be better without you my little hearts


  1. Swathi says:

    Hey Sil its your elder sis right? Her daughter looks just like AL


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