A also stands for AbhiShree !!!

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Its Their CORNER


I am bond, AbhiShree Bond!!!



Ayyo!! kidding macha



Every kid has to go through this torment….No Hair for little Fairy!!


Aviary Photo_130227945487530350

I am bored, Tell me punyakotis story


Look Lord Krishna here:)



Excuse me, i have to eat butter now…



Ayyo its not real hair, its artificial!!!!



Who said only model can pose!!


WP_20140420_068 (1)

who doesn’t like Indian traditional wear!!?



Meghaaaaa my darling cousin


Intro:My cute girly girly AbhiSheeee(as she says her name) is 2 years old. Abhi, she dont mind asking the same questions more than 10 times, she enjoys seeing the same rhymes often and often until she gets it. She always enjoys roaming around, playing(at times fighting) with Spoorthi and Aditi (her cousins). She a big fan of Chota bheem. She is no less than a boy child in her mischief’s. She gets irritated when someone touches her cheeks…My Lilttle Sweet Chubby Abhi is blessed with beautiful smile.

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