You dont Have to Know the PERSON

Posted: May 28, 2014 in My Silly thoughts
After getting down from Namma Metro i started running through staircase to catch a auto. When auto driver heard my destination  they made weird face and said no. Those who agreed said 10 Rs extra on meter. I stood there cursing the MFAH in my mother tongue. I wanted to hold their ears like how my math teacher used to hold my ears in school and ask “Brother, your meter doesnt work?why the hell you have kept it here?for exhibition?”. I controlled my anger and stood there waiting for the next auto.
When i looked at my watch i realized i have to pick the next auto no matter what. How i wished i had worn knee level skirt instead of salwar kamiiz. before i could open my mouth auto would have stopped right front me. How i wished!!!

When i agreed extra money on meter and got into next auto i wondered why government cant implement any rules for auto drivers who never agree on meter charges. Whom i am kidding!!dirty politicians rule India while common people work their ass out to pay extra money everywhere. With Modi in power hoping sometime sooner or later something good will happen.

Auto driver increased his speed and started humming some song as if hes riding one of the Fast n Furious car. Ahead of us there was this  auto driver who was pushing his auto. May be he was running out of gas i thought. With a fraction of second my auto driver changed his sitting position. With one leg inside his auto and second one back of the other one he started pushing the auto. Have seen this before but that was the first time was watching the live show. With my heart in my mouth was about to tell him to be careful as i am not fascinated to break my legs and update in FB:).

Other auto driver without saying anything took a right turn. How ungrateful i thought!!no thank you nothing. Out of curiosity i asked my auto driver “sir, do you know that guy?”. He replied “No, i dont”. Before he could take in some air my next question was ready “Then why did you help a stranger?”. He turned back gave him one of his best smile and said “Its not necessary to know the person to help him”.  I was like “alla sir, he didnt even thank you!!”. He chuckled and said “when i help i do it for my satisfaction not for some gratitude”. When i heard his reply my questions faded away like Bangalore’s morning fog. To help some strangers without expecting anything in return you must be nice person

When my stop came i got down from the auto and said “you did a good job Sir. You really are good person. God will remember what you have done today and reward you.”. He smiled and gave me back the extra money on meter. I gave my one of the cutest smile and said “hope to travel in your auto soon Sir”. All auto drivers are not bad after all

  1. mohith says:

    Yeah syllu u r vry true i agree . . 🙂


  2. Gaurav says:

    I think no one is bad at his soul, but sometimes his/her actions is bad for others, we just need to change the perspective, world is a beautiful place.
    I read it some place in some Hindu Mythology-
    “Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth
    Who sees it all?
    Varuna has but a thousand eyes,
    Indra has a hundred,
    And You and I, only two .”


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