RAIN in Bangalore PIA!!!!

Posted: August 27, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

When Summer ends and Rainy season starts we prepare ourselves for the arrival of rain with open arms. When the first rain hits the hot sweaty ground; mud en-thrills and shows its approval by the fragment smell, tiles resting on roof have their bath after the chilly winter and hot summer, while seed sprout and trees shine in glory of pure, fresh water, people in village fry the jackfruit papad, sip the hot coffee and watch the spherical drops forming a bubble in when it hit the ground. Wells all over filled, frogs breed in their favorite weather. Unlikely when it rains in legendary IT den its Pain In Ass. If you are a rain-lover, after the first rain in Bangalore you will start to hate it so much like your ex-boyfriend

Even though day will start with its known characteristic “cold weather”, sun will be smirking at top ruling and irritating with protruding sharp rays. When you think its going to be long sunny day with your sun screen lotion absorbing bingo it starts raining cats and dogs. You will be like woman caught off guard with surprise by her unprepared pregnancy. If you run towards bus top for shelter you will curse the SOB who constructed the bus stop. Water leaking through cheap quality roof you will be squeezed and glared by strange men women and street dogs. You cant chase the dumb animal no matter how you hate their species. The pouring rain and flooded roads change your thinking pattern. Same unfortunate day BMTC bus wont show its ugly ass on time. Bus delayed you will be tempted to get into auto standing front of bus stop. But auto driver being mean ugly Indian will multiply the original price by 4 to 5 times in mind, cleaning leftovers from the meal with his finger and tell you the price. All you will feel like giving a nice lecture on humanity, honesty you will tempted to punch him on his dirty face but you will be forced to cool down without any option. If you are stopping any moving auto they shake their head saying no even before they could hear you out. With that “i-am-king” attitude you will feel like pulling his head phones along with his uncombed oily hair. With left with no option you will stand under the bus stop wishing that you had a boat. Roads will be so flooded that you wont be having idea where you have to keep your next foot. All you can do is remember your god’s name and pray to save you from any mishap. Your pedicured or not leg will shout when they see the dirty, stinking water. There wont be any part of your body left un-kissed by Bangalore rain. Your bags will bear the proof of their adventure it just went through. One minute you are there dressed up in sexy top, high hells, tight jeans, second minute you will looks like a crow drenched in rain head to toe. Not to forget the dirt and waste swimming to find a safer zone. If you are standing beside the road then every passing vehicle shower its and its owners love by splashing the water all over you.

Bangalore might looks like Urvashi in winter with all that chilly wind and fog but in rainy season it looks like Surpanakha.



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