Mama, I am PEEING in PubliC

Posted: October 4, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

Don’t smoke in public, its punishable act, don’t kiss in public its object able act, Pee in public and its Macho Indian chutiya act. One habit men can’t give up easily, thinking if they do, people will stop comparing them to DOGS!!!!GUuuuuuRRRRRRrr

I am not proud to say that place where I stay is near to this free PEE zone. Well-dressed men to shabbily dressed men utilized this zone without paying any expensive paper imprinted with Gandhiji’s ever smiling face. Garage workers, auto drivers, people who came to visit temple which is right opposite to this zone don’t even think twice before taking out their junk and peeing with freedom without any fear. Those fearless men should have been soldiers fighting in borders because they don’t even give Bulls-ass to God who is watching them from other side of the road. It’s ok if they cant fight in war at least they can PEE.

Dear men;Who pee in public

We all know that you are capable of peeing in any position aiming a particular target. BRAVO brother!!!. You don’t have to prove your capability to anyone. This disgust act tells us that you are not pee trained from your childhood. You don’t know the places where you should pee and where you shouldn’t. Kindly use the public toilets or the toilets at home and help us to keep pee-stink- free society.

Hope soon government will bring some rules which will ban all men from peeing in public.





  1. gauravview says:

    How do you capture the second pic, you may land up in troubles..!!


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