Raise your Voice…..Before you Raise your Middle Finger

Posted: January 7, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

I basically come from a place where some people still use their thump for signature, legs to reach their destination, their sweat to earn money, patience to swallow the injustice of any crap system. No matter how developed cities are with big fancy ring roads and electronised process, towns are still same with crowded bank and post office.

During Christmas vacation I had been to this bank to invest the money, not my money but the money I borrowed from my mother to escape from Income Tax, so practically it became my mothers money:). I was bit taken to see the AC room with puffy chair and a young security guard in uniform. I asked myself “when this happened?where did the fan go?”. I couldn’t stop looking at the young security clad in uniform. You see most of the security guards are old, sometimes i wonder in case of robbery whether we have to run or save the security guard. With the thousands wrinkles on their face, worn out skin, countable bones i don’t think they are fit to take any blows.

As I approached the cashier with all the stares on my 3/4 and streaked hair, my head held high i said “”, before i could open my mouth the lady cashier gave me one of her deadly look and said “follow the queue”. Then i realized why the stares on me, i was the queue breaker. With all my balloon air gone i sat there in those puffy chair, and followed the queue like musical chair. People came, time passed more people came but nobody left.

Cashier lady got some old chap to flirt, with her cheeks deepened with red, Jasmine flower on her head swinging along her head i just sat and stared. Its been ages since i had seen fully oiled plaited hair with jasmine flower on them. Server started taking power nap all resulting in increased wait. “This is usual here” one said, other made this annoying sound “shaaa” which implicated how frustrated she is, I sat there saying F*** for several times. I looked around for a complaint box f***,Employess on leave F***, ….my slang were interrupted when Manger showed his big butt in the bank. “F***, at least now the speed will increase” i thought, but whom I was kidding. Nothing changed, queue, waiting people. Time rolled to lunch hour not caring anyone. When my turn came Boom!!, server went down, and i was in my saturated point. I sat there like a puppy who lost his mother, worms churning in my tummy, nobody cared, nobody gave a shit. I wanted to climb the chair shout “there are people waiting here, old people, young people, for love of mercy do your job”. I tried to move the chair when it didn’t budge, realized its glued to the floor i sat there numb. May be cashier smelled something because next thing i know she was crediting my amount and giving me slip

That’s the common scenario there, no one to utter a word against  loss of precious time. Educated , uneducated, old young everybody crib but never do anything. They may be used to living in such environment but I am not. Why to shut your mouth and show your middle finger when you can improve the system, society you live. I am not Anna Hazare in white khadi to do hunger strike and be inspiration item to any fellow Indian. I might be commoner that too woman, of this new generation but being a commoner i know my capacity, my power. After all its from the people to people and for the people. Using my freedom of speech there I was drafting a complaint mail to the senior level. I was not doing it for me but for the people from my place.

After a week I got a call from the bank manager asking me my full name and the reason for my complaint. He started to yap about his future plan to improve bank facility, apologies for inconvenience and again more yapping. “Boss, i know the sweet talk, most HR’s use this tactics, doesn’t work always, you improve the quality of service and show, I believe you” I wanted to say. But there I was again counting seconds hoping the manager on the other end of call will disconnect, hoping to understand i am not interested in his cock-bull story . when i realized he is repeating same thing for second round I took several deep breaths and picked a moment to chop him in middle and started my ending sentence, a knack i learned from my previous mangers during appraisal, and disconnected the call.

I don’t know whether the manager will work on his words and improve the quality of the service, or the long queues will end. I am happy at least I took the courage to raise my concern rather than just sit and crib. Its not my first time I am sure its not my last.

  1. Navee says:

    Not only writing good things, following them and then posting in blog 🙂 Good work, feeling great for being a reader of this blog 🙂 Keep it up


  2. MelRoy says:

    “Whatta ride” that was in reading this. I am suprised, how did the manager reply back to your complaint. Bankers are doing good in every other minute thing other than clearing queues. And when you told it’s back in your hometown, I simply don’t want to suspect it being the branch wr my friend is the Branch Manager. Well Written !! Kudos to you !!


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