LOVE is in the AIR…….Its Valentines Day

Posted: February 13, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

When First month of New Year rolls with grace we all embrace second month with heart filled with love and joy. Not because it had deformity of lesser days but because of it has this special day.

With Fifty shades of grey’s promising poster hung high, bloody red hearts ruling all shops, red lingerie flaunt its own beauty. From John Legends “all of me” to Bryan Adams “Look into my eyes” with heart throbbing love messages dedicated over radio are enough to tempt you to change your status just for one day.  Who doesn’t like to be loved, pampered and showered with flowers and gifts.  I don’t know about men but every woman secretly wishes to have a lover who loves her unconditionally without any limits. We human no matter how defiled are, love is the one thing which melts any thugs heart and makes any wicked women’s knee go week. Love is to be blamed for many heart breaks and depression, suicide and crime. One can never have enough of love. Lucky ones get it, unlucky one loose it, remaining few bargain it for the things they feel are important than love.

With expensive gift wrapped in gift box, double priced flowers tied together, reserved candle light table in famous restaurant, fancy lacy lingerie might help you to get into your partners pants, promised orgasmic panting night (before marriage). But will it ensure you selfless, meaningful, everlasting love? May be few handful ones marry the one with whom they would have spent the special day for years, rest are just torn pages of history. Sometimes a silent stroll on beach (park in case of cities:)), few lines of poetry, long run lover letters are more than enough to express your love. Renew your vows to love another, in poverty and wealth, In pub and church, while sleeping and awakening, in health and disease. Why limit your love, gifts, pampering only for one day while you have rest 364 days?

My special note for Singles: I know it’s hard to be single especially on Valentine’s day. Jealousy seeing the gifts, migraine listening to love songs, sulking seeing the couple holding hand…in spite of this I tell you, you are still the lucky one. You can still do anything, anytime with anyone anywhere. Consider yourself happy because you are still the boss. Open a bottle of wine or vodka and get drunk, envy your committed friends, curse the St.Valentine and pray that by next year cupid would have aimed its arrow in your direction.

I don’t care much of Valentines day, Its just another day with its own worries and buries. Some heartbroken saint told the world to celebrate the day as lover’s day. If he would have anticipated the increased flower business and free marriage warning from culture protectors, Saint would have reconsider his wish. Wish you all happy Valentines day, Spread Love valentine-roses

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