Ummm yeah yeah….. I Am Somebody’s Role Model

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Being the last one in my family I was defiantly not pampered , on my every mistake I was caned by my father and tortured by my brothers for their amusement. With tons of nicknames and complaints I loved all the attention, After all I am LEO. Writing names on walls and cupboards, scribbling on my brothers record books and scratching my sister like a cat didn’t helped me in becoming  anyone’s favorite. On every scolding my face would ferment like Idly batter. I was nobody’s favorite ,but that was fine by me till I was there at the center.

seasoned rolled, time moved sometimes it carried curse and sometime boon. There was a good news, new entry to our family, there I was all scared to loose my title “the last one”

2011 May 20 I lost my title to the new comer. I stood there small wailing creature with my first gift, pink teddy and blanket. Tiny eyes, tiny fingers she didn’t made any impression on me. Kids aged 2 or more are fun but infants…uhuh they are too complicated to handle. They are like those new electronic gadgets. Manual or lack of experience will lead you to the edge of cliff. As I was not all that interested in holding her I stood there staring at her from distance. Before I could adjust my specs for the better view somebody carefully places her in my trembling hands. There she was sleeping quietly like an angel. When she made that baby sound in her sleep all I wonder how can they look so adorable and cute same time. Babies are not that bad I thought. That day I lost my title and heart to her. Never imagined how thrilling and painful to have kids around.

After lot of googling, searching her parents named her Aloma. Johnson and Johnson smell, milk bottle lying around, those cute little bibs and night wares all tempted me to have a baby of my own. Thanks to my niece for making the temptation disappear with her cries and tantrum’s.

Being almost 4 now she idealizes me and imitates me. In return her 2 years old brother imitates her. Its painful for eyes though I enjoy. Starting from scribbling on the wall to applying nail polish. With thousands of doubts and question she drives me crazy. After our deadly fight which results in pulling hair, clothes, some tears and complaining she still comes to me saying sorry. Because I am still her favorite SNL who works in Bangalore. I love every bit of it because I am living my childhood again with my niece.



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