Have you met Benni Bai???

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Do you know how hard it is to understand the kids and their games? how painful for them to like you, you should think like them, act like them. As I never wanted to grow up i easily gel with them thanks to my niece and nephew for all the support and motivation. But when they shower me with their stupid question I run from the place far away where I cant hear their “why, why, where, how, when” questions.
Few months back I met My niece’s friend, Nehal’s mom Benni bai. When first time she introduced me to empty space saying ” meet Benni bai” all I did was stare at my her. Wondering whether she started seeing those invisible ghost?But didn’t i played those games “talking to the invisible’s” when i was kid?.So i played along and Benni bai became our favorite character. There were several times when Me, my niece and my nephew discuss about Benni bai while other family members stare at us. “Who is Benni Bai???” they ask me expect to be answered. I just smile and ignore their question, I don’t want to reveal that Benni bai is just imaginary character who is playing My niece’s friends mother. Its creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We go to our neighbors , Geethakka’s house to collect our new paper. On the way we find this old broken empty house belonging to Mr and Mrs Pinto.I make my under age gang members to stand on the window grill and talk to Benni bai. “How are you Benni bai?Did you have your food? Hows Nehal doing?Have you taken your cows to graze to the forest?….”. Due to my nephews weight I cant mange both of them holding so I take turn to lift them, with one conversing and other crying “life me lift me”. When they start getting into my nerves I keep them on those dry leaves and run while the huge trees, long creepers watch in silence. They scream and follow me saying “wait SnL we are coming”. I stop and wait for them to catch me. There we walk again holding hands to collect the morning new papers from Geethakk’s house.



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