Posted: April 15, 2015 in POEM

Good byes are hard, I never liked them
They make me teary eyes..But
Here I am saying you good bye
Its a must, I don’t want be the side boat anymore.

Pot full of negative thoughts, I am a disappointed soul,
To find happiness within I don’t know
I am crazy, complicated and funny
Lonely as I am, I thought I could find fortress in your arms

In life of bridge when we met, I was super excited
After all you came, you took interest, you were nice
I had counted time in my wallet and how I wished them to last forever
With every second we spent I felt, I may not meet you again

I am not a person who chases guys or flowers them
I am a woman with sharp tongue in my sheath
But then you had something which ruled my mind for years
Enough, I said “Its high time I bid my farewell”

Its something I should have done long back
Sailing against fate didn’t helped anyone in the past
With your picture still alive in my heart
I may hope, but I cant force the future to be fruitful

May you sail well and reach some shore rich with honey and milk
Women might have said no to sail along
Don’t let this will stop you, you will find ‘The One’ some day
If not she will find you, and you will be frozen to ground with happiness

When you lay your head in her bosom
And see your kids play in the garden
Struggle and pain of past will vapor
You will realize every wait ends with good fortune

How I wish even I had a love story
To boast about when I am old and wrinkled
Love just happens, you cant force
I am one naïve whale to ignore the facts

you may not remember me in the future
But I will remember you like a rainbow
Appears after heavy rain, mixture of all colors
occasional though but with happy heart

with all the best wishes I say my final bye,
I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to feel sad
But don’t know why my heart is weeping
Maybe, its how it feels when you say bye to someone you love


  1. Melroy says:

    *Applause* *Applause* wonderfull use of your heart and mind to pen this down. I could sense the good-bye. Way to go SNL! (Apologies for this – last line should be “maybe”)


    • sylvia says:

      Thank you Melroy. Its just that my heart and hand were in sync to write some poetry. Its definitely a good-bye, teary one. Last is is definitely “maybe”. For a person I am with 4 eyes, i have the tendency to swallow words when I am hungry and misspell when I am in “hurry” mode


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