“I want my Mommy…..”

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Every time I visit my home dogs shows same reaction, mom and dad look at me with same curious eyes “tell me this time you found a guy”, but There is only one person who gets super excited every time she sees me and that  is my almost 4 years old niece . As soon as she sees me she gives one of her best smile and ask “how’s you SnL?”. Then she starts her updates with her eyes still focused on me and on my bag. My nephew then realises it’s a completion of “UPDATES” and starts his update as well. After a while our punching-pinching starts with shouting and screaming.

They even dont hesitate to lift my oversize bags with their tiny hands. Before I can step into the hall there they are sitting around my bag it like hungry wolves. As soon as I open my bag they stand and peep inside waiting, searching with curious eyes. My niece’s face glows like full moon seeing those clips, my nephew runs pulling his underpants between his bum screaming ” Mommy SnL got me Bruno “(book).

Few months back when I was at home with those two little rascals, my niece said after dinner “Tonight I sleep with you  SnL”. She had started sleeping occasionally with me since she was 1.5 years old. When it comes to she sleeping with me I don’t encourage her very much because she starts to role in 360 degrees, sometimes her legs over my face and sometimes she roll and reach under sofa. So to make sure she’s on bed I have to touch her and see, pat her. She said “mommy, I am sleeping with SnL. You can take my dirty brother with you, make sure he doesn’t come out.” .I looked at my niece again to be sure whether she wants to sleep with me. She pushed her hair back with same style and I fell in love with her again. She looked at me with those big eyes and said “Yes SnL I am sleeping with you”. Little I knew what she gonna do in middle of night.

Middle of night she started to turn and change her side. If you are a parent you know this is not good symptom. Kids turn and change their sides when they are restless and about to wake up from their sleep. With my negligible parenting skills I started to pat her. Even though my eyelids started to close I stayed awake to put her back to bed. After two minutes she opened her eyes and hell broke down. She said “I want my mommy”. I picked my cell and saw the time. 3.00AM. .When whole world was sleeping there she was looking at me and saying she wants to go to her mommy in teary eyes.  I looked at her in the dim light of my cell phone and said “you got your SnL now, manage with her tomorrow morning go to your mommy”. But she stood and said “I want my mommy now!!!”. I Begged her again to sleep but she picked her blanket and said “SnL take me to my mommy” and started to cry. How I wanted to beat the shit out of her then. I said “Sleep with me, I will give you chocolate”. She said “Give me the chocolate tomorrow, but I want my mommy now”.

There we both were holding hands and knocking at my brothers bed room door in middle of night. When nobody opened the door I told her to sleep with me but she stood her ground and said “No, I want my mommy “and started to cry. Bad sign, Again I started to knock the door praying all time that my old parents don’t wake up in this process. Finally my sister-in-law opened the door and let my niece in.

After that “I-want-my-mommy-at-midnight’ incident I chase her whenever she comes with her pillow and blanket. Sometimes I let her sleep with me when I am in good mood. We both put the bedding and drift to sleep, with her fighting for my blanket and me telling her to use hers, the one with Donald duck and Micky mouse



  1. Melroy says:

    That’s how kids are,end of the day they need their mommy. Beautifully Expressed !


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