My name is Aloma Lobo ‘N’ I Am Almost Four

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Some people as they grow they become conscious of society, people and restrict themselves from mingling. Being a well grown up adult I am suffering from this so called deformity “Socializing issues” for quiet sometime. Lone weekend are the proof of my deformity. When I see my Niece socializing with people she knew, people she doesn’t know I envy her. How I wish I had her socializing skills to jiggle with people.
Whenever she sees a priest shinning in white robe she runs and ask his blessings with broad smile on her face, sometimes she literally jumps from car on seeing a priest.She sees old people she folds her hand and says “bless me aba”. We enter a bank and there she is enquiring women about nail polish and lipstick. They smile listening to her and look at me with “This is what you teach your kid” look. I smile at them without saying “I am not her mom”(story saved for later). I look at my niece angrily for her stupid questions and she ignores me just like that. If they would have seen us pinching and fighting they would have understood that we are not mother and daughter.We go to fish market and there she is smiling at the finish monger and smiling at them and talking to them in her own language. She enters the church and when she comes out she know half of the population. Any wedding we attend she is there talking to strangers and making friends. Half of the kids will be gang members by end of the wedding. During this Easter we had to search her after the mass and there she was thrusting her hand at almost everyone and saying “Heppy eeaster”. When I see her talking to some handsome guy how I wish to be like her.
When we enter a shop to buy grocery she chats with sales girls asking their name, telling hers and chit chatting god knows what. And I stand there glaring at her with surprise. Sometimes I just drag her when she dances in front of chickens saying “cocococ”. When we enter bakery I can see stars dancing in her eyes and is one place where will stop socializing and eat my head “Buy loly pop SnL, buy ice cream…..”. Mangalore’s sweaty hot sun and then there my niece to eat my brains. I stare at her hoping she will shut her mouth but then she goes on and on. How I want to lift her up and give to shop keeper and say “Keep her, she is yours”. Then when she feels my eyes on her she comes to me and asks “What happened SnL, you give me your bag I will carry it for you”. Then there I am feeling guilty like Judas.
How I wish I had socializing skills like my niece. She talks to each and everyone. But again for that cute smile, little ponytail and pretty half eaten words who wouldn’t fall for her.


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