HE Worries ME

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time, My Silly thoughts

While I fight with my niece my nephew rides his cycle round and round. He parks his cycle in his so called parking lot and again he is there riding it like a hard core rider. I take a minute to catch my breath from the fight and still he is there on that damn cycle. “May be its guys thing” I say and continue fighting with my niece.

My nephew idolizes his sister even though she beats the shit out of him. He likes to wear her clips and dresses. Even though I had told him million times that “Boys don’t wear hair clips” he wears them like a proud girl, says “SnL, see my hair, don’t I look pretty?”and then admires himself in the mirror. When he likes his reflection he comes and says “SnL can you take picture of me?” and walks around like a proud model walking on the ramp. When I cant see him with those pink clips I pull the hair clips from his short hair and he starts crying, shedding his crocodile tears.

Other day I was there watching the TV and babysitting these two rascals. After a while to make sure they are still there on the sofa ,I turned back from my chair and there he was hugging the doll and saying “what happened baby, why are you crying?”. I looked at him with shock, when did this happen?. Few days back he was riding the cycle like a punk and here he was wiping that dumb dolls imaginary tears and comforting it. I pulled the doll from his hand like a witch, swung it like a spear and said “Run, ride the cycle, if you want to poop on the cycle go ahead BUT NEVER PLAY WITH THE DOLL”. He cried and jumped saying “Give me my doll SnL, give it back”. When I didn’t give, he bit me and I threw the doll far away. He picked it carefully and hugged it. I banged my head to the wall with despair despair. I didn’t had a clue that it was just the beginning.

Now, frequently I see him with the doll, talking and hugging. I stare and my words get stuck in my throat like traffic stuck in Old Madras road in the evening. With fake hope I stare at him again, thinking I can control his mind like mutant from X-men and make him stop playing with the doll. Time passes, and nothing happens. I stop staring at him and he goes on singing lullaby and puts the doll to sleep.


  1. Melroy says:

    These Kids are so Adorable !! Well expressed and cute clicks. May be after two or three decades all these things would be so so cherished and when you sit back on your rocking chair and read all this, would simply be the best thing in the world. You rock !!


  2. Kirti says:

    First things first.. your nephew is a cutie pie and those big owly eyes are very expressive. However, I think you might be over thinking a lil bit here, he is just a baby and is yet to evolve in terms of mind and emotion. He is probably trying to mimic his sister, who as you mentioned he adores… so relax and indulge with him. If I were in your place, I’d have dressed him up as a girl and take as many pics as possible just so I can embarrass him in the future 😀


    • sylvia says:

      Thank you Kirti I will pass on your compliments to him. He already have plenty of pics in which he is dressed up like a girl. I do agree he copies his sister a lot


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