Posted: April 28, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Once you start working and paying your own bills, you will wonder why the heck we grew up. How glorious were our childhood, days when parents used to take care of us and give us pocket money to spend. We were just kids enjoying life without any worries. No concern about appraisal and Income task, No tension about marriage and husbands. With dark clouds of “adulthood” shattered on our life we long to have our happy childhood back.

Every time I see my niece and nephew I get this “I want my childhood back” feeling. I so much want to be like them, unaware of obligations, society rules they laugh, smile and cry whenever they want. I sit and watch them riding cycle in opposite direction, colliding and screaming “Accident”. Then they throw cheese lings in air and sing Nativity hymns. My nephew picks this moment and says “Susu coming..” like a noble prince. There he stands and piss in middle of nowhere in circles and circles, while my niece screams “Alan is peeing on me…” Then they run chasing and falling on each other like a wild horses enjoying the wilderness. When I cant stop myself I jump in, ignoring my age and obligations.


We play hide and seek, there I am stuck on the floor pushing myself hard under the sofa. When i realize I my body wont fit, I give up and they come on sit on my stomach saying “We caught you SnL, you are next, go catch us”.

Music flowing through TV, I start moving my hips and tell them “Shake your bum like this, see like this” I tell them. Without applause of audience we three dance with our own steps. When I see my nephew dancing like a old man squatting and pissing I throw my hands in air with despair and say “When you will dance like Bruno Mars? When? focus and concentrate”. He looks at me with his innocent eyes and says “Bruno, yes I know him, his brother is Bernie(book character)”. How I want to kill myself for mentioning Bruno Mars to him

When i get bored of chasing them I sit for a while to catch my breath . My nephew comes with his “Bruno” (book)and we drift to wonderland. Showing them the mute picture and telling my own story we three get lost in imaginary world. With thousands of questions aiming in my direction, I try to be patience but again “when, who, why, how,” starts taking troll round after round I close the book and go for a walk.

“Wait for me SnL” they say, wear their slippers and come running. Peace, what’s is it I scream. I walk beside them holding their hands and warning them to watch out for stones and other obstacle. They talk, scream never letting my hand go, startling on every dry leaf move. When I feel I should freeze the moment,capture their priceless childhood in my phone and I stop and look around for a plot. I order them to pose and blackmail with chocolate. They listen to me, make weird faces, and then come running “Show SnL how did it come?”.


We go to Geethakk’s house to get the morning news paper, with these two rascals leading the way.We often pause to talk to Benni Bai,near Mr Pinto’s old house. On the way they talk and walk without caring whether I am following them or not. Sometimes to make the short journey more interesting I hide behind a big tree or stone. When they turn back and don’t find me my niece start crying while my nephew like a warrior starts searching. My nieces then says “Don’t leave us and go SnL, we are just kids, will get scared”. With the sadist laugh I stare and her and say “OMG, from where you picked this line now!!!”.If you say I torture them, “Hell yeah” I torture them in the same way how they torture me.

You may wonder how they torture me; There I am dead tired after long night journey from Bangalore to Mangalore. After playing with those two rascals when my eyelids start to close I pick a room where they cant find me easily. I close the door slowly without making noise, on the fan and try to drift to sleep “Where is SnL, Where is SnL” words still echoing from somewhere . Before I could even drift to sleep they open the door barge in and climb on me. When my niece pokes me with her toys my nephew bites me wherever he finds bare meat and runs. Wailing I chase those rascals and warn them “Dare you touch me again, Telling you, stay away from me”. I close the door and pull the bed sheet over my head like corpse and try to sleep. Again they barge in with my niece blowing one of her whistle and nephew taking his tiger steps to attack me. I get up and chase them. If I am lucky I catch them and beat them. “We are just kids SnL, you don’t beat us” they say. I stand with my hands on my waist and warn them”do that again I will make sure RUM and Teddy(dog) gets the loly pop”. They stare like innocent puppies as if their life is dependent on those strawberry loly pops. With mild voice they say “Sorry SnL, we wont repeat again, but don’t give loly pop to the dogs”. I walk towards the room to sleep again hoping I hit the ball on right corner. But before even I could reach they come running as if they are participating in Olympics.


They have this fancy cycle which tempts even the grown ups to give a try. When no one was around somehow I managed experienced a glorious ride. Wow, it was mind blowing feeling. I rode and rode until my mom stood staring at me “grow up SnL, you are not kid, don’t act like them…”. I zuped the cycle around her and said “last thing I want to do is grow up FL”. I was riding with peace until other two musketeers found me on their cycle. My niece sat behind me, held me tight around my tummy and said “lets go SnL, lets go to Kinnigoli”. I turned the cycle and rode it like never before. It then my blue eyes little monster thrust his small butt in front of my face and said “Give me space I will ride you sit behind”. How I want to push that little butt back and say “No!!!!, I ride and you sit”. When he blackmailed me with his tears I moved back and we three musketeers rode inside 4 walls traveling from Kinnigoli to Mangalore”.

Few days back we had been to hospital with my dad. As there were nobody to babysit my niece and nephew we were forced to take them along. As doctor was late we sat on empty bench and waited. Then started the monkey business. One minute they are on bench sitting other minute they walking running. Being blessed with great socializing skills my niece was busy socializing with some lady and her daughter. I saw my nephew literally rolling on the bench. The bench was bacteria and dust free all hanks to him. After telling them 100 times to behave my niece came running and said “SnL give chewing gum”. I gave her one and asked my nephew “Do you know how to eat chewing gum?”. He looked at the packet in my hand pulled his pants up and said “yes SnL, I know”. For a while i felt the volcano is calmed down I was so very wrong. swinging his legs my nephew was pulling out the chewing gum from his mouth. With one end still in mouth he was pulling the other end with his hand like and elastic. I have done that when i was small but now Yeww….it was so yuck!!…. I told him to stop doing that and give the chewing gum back to me. He put that chewing gum back in his mouth scared that I will take it away. KIDS!!they do opposite. He stopped chewing his gum so i thought may be he want to throw it. I told him “Give me your gum, ill throw it” for that he blinked his eyes and moved his head to one side and said “I swallowed SnL”. Before I could lecture him on swallowing chewing gum there was my nice standing with extended hand and demanding for one chewing gum. With my patience snapping every second i wanted to put them both in my hand bag and zip them where i can keep eye on them .She pointed out her finger at the gal whom she was talking and said “look there, she is my friend..”. I said in despair “How can she be your friend you met her 2 minutes back..”. She cut me in middle and said “she is my friend, give chewing gum for my friend”. I started at her and she smiled “Please SnL, she is my friend” . I gave her the chewing gum and looked at her. She stood in front of the girl and said “eat, its chewing gum”. My niece and her socializing skills!!!. Even though I was angry I was smiling. Kids can do that to you.

As my dad had to test blood we walked to the lab. When the nurse in white pricked my dad with needle they stood next to him, worry their face and asked “is it hurting aba?”. For that my dad said “Come here and I tell the nurse to do chuyyan to you both”. For that they both ran outside and monkey business was on. One was climbing the bench while other one was busy asking someone their name. When they a nun they ran to her and asked her blessings. “God bless you both, you are like angel”, nun said. “Come and stay with them and you will know your angels” i said in my mind. nun looked at me and said “Lovely kids, should have bought them to hospital, its not safe”.

Again I didn’t correct her pre-assumption “I am their mother”; I stood there shook my head like cow and smiled.

I make sure I spend every possible minute with them. I am enjoying my dream of living my childhood with my two little naughty musketeers. I don’t care when my mom and sister say “Stop acting like them, you have grown up”. I just chuckle and let their comment pass like the fart, after all they don’t know how exciting to be to be a musketeer.


  1. Melroy says:

    That was a Long Weekend !! Excellent..


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