I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 20

Posted: June 17, 2015 in STORY



Jenny was pacing in the corridor outside ICU, she was restless. She wanted to see Kegan right away but doctors had told her that she have to wait. She was supposed to be the one to be on that bed, fighting with death, it was Kegan who exchanged the place with her. He didn’t have to express his love to her, his action were loud and clear. She had tried in the past not to feel anything for him but his every move made her fall in love with him against her will. She looked at the angel resting on the chain around her neck which Ron had gifted her. “I am sorry Ron, Really I am, I am a woman with weak heart.” When the ICU’s door opened and doctor came out she put the chain back in its place where it was resting on her chest.

Doctor said that Kegan still is in critical condition, due to the heavy bleeding nothing can be said in next few hours. Jenny collapsed on the near by bench. How she hated herself being so helpless, Mrs . Lewis held her in her arms and consoled her. She didn’t wanted to sit out like a helpless creature she wanted to be with Kegan along his side, holding his hand. When Ron breathe his last she was not there to fight the death for him but she didn’t wanted to make the same mistake with Kegan. She wiped her tears and walked in to ICU. There were so many patients lying on the bed motionless except for their lungs which were functioning with the pipe connected to oxygen supply. Her steps trembled; she wiped her tears and walked to the corner. There he was sleeping like a lifeless man, breathing with the life support. Other side of his bed they hung blood supplying pipe to his drained veins. Jenny stood there for a minute staring at her husband lying on the bed; she didn’t wanted to accept the fact that she loved him. She held his free hand in hers and looked at his closed eyes. He looked so peaceful to her. She smiled and pushed his hair back from his forehead. She kissed his cheek and his stubble tickled her face. She knelt so that she can be level to his closed eyes. Still holding his hand she said “You are one stupid mule because you risked your life not the first but second time for me. I don’t deserve your love Kegan, I may feel something for you but I still Love Ron, I always will. Its not easy to forget your first love that too when your first love was divine. Don’t die on me please, not like this, army needs you, RJ needs you and” she paused for a while and said “even I need you. Cheat the death, come back I will be waiting on the other side. Hope you listening to this”.

When his steady breath taunted her she took a deep breath and prayed to god to be merciful on him. As she didn’t wanted to leave him alone in midst of all strangers she pulled a chair near to his bed and sat holding his hand tightly as if she never want to let it go.

Next day morning when Jenny opened her eyes Kegan was gone. The bed was empty with life support still on its place. She got up from her chair when the reality hit her, “this cant be happening,” she told herself “you cant die Kegan not when I am there by your side, not today not tomorrow. Kegan”. Shouting his name she searched whole ICU waking up the almost-dead patients”. Nurse and doctors shushed her and told her to leave but she was still calling Kegan’s name again and again. She was sobbing and trying to talk simultaneously. When she couldn’t find him anywhere she stood still and said things randomly which were hardly making any sense.Before the doctors and nurse can make her vacate the place she fainted calling Kegans name in middle of the ICU

Jenny tried to open her eyes, but her head hurt. She closed her eyes and opened again and tried to recall where she was. Somebody had closed the curtains, cold air in the room tempted her to sleep some more. Against her will she sat trying hard this time to recall where she was. She held her hand to her forehead where it hurt. She touched it, and felt the bump then she remembered Kegan, his empty bed. She jumped from the bed saying “Kegan” all set to run to search him, He might need her, she has to be with him. She tried to take a step with all her might. When she failed she sat on the bed holding her head with both hands.

“Lie still, you need some rest. I am sure you don’t want one more bump on that forehead of yours. You may not mind but I really do, I don’t want to see you like hell boy”

Jenny turned to her right to see Kegan seated on his bed. He had all bandaged wrapped around his midriff and back. With the blood supplying tube gone he looked out of danger . He was alive that’s all matters she stared at him with open mouth.

“Will you close that mouth of yours and lie down. If you faint again I cant lift you”. Jenny got up from her bed and started walking towards her husband.

“I thought you were dead. I got up in the morning you were gone”. Kegan looked at his wife not saying a thing. He knew whole night she sat beside him holding his hand. When he regained his conscious middle of night there she was sitting on the chair holding his hand and murmuring something. She looked strained to him, she needed rest badly.

“I called your named, I searched you every corner of the damned ICU……”Tears were flooding from her eyes. She was standing only few feet away from him. Obviously she cares for me Kegan thought. He have listened to the doctor when they told him about his wife’s outburst when she couldn’t find him on his bed. He was happy that she cared for him, may not love him but that was ok with him.

“Why you didn’t answer me..han?I thought you were dead..”she hugged him tightly as if she never want to let go of him and burst into fresh tears. He just held her close soothing her, telling her its alright, he’s alive draining almost every bit of his energy in the process. He smiled and said “If you continue squeezing me so tight my stitches might burst open, I don’t mind but I am sure you will”. Jenny wiped her tears and said “sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Don’t be in fact I enjoyed it” saying he winked at her. When Mr Lewis and Mrs Lewis walked in Jenny excused herself and dash to the adjacent washroom. When she came out the trace of tears were gone with her worries. Her mask was on with the bump on her forehead.

“does it hurt” Mrs Lewis asked when she saw her, she looked worried .Jenny shook her head too tired to answer her.

When Mr Lewis said “Go home, take some rest “ she wanted to tell him she is alright. Too hungry and exhausted to answer she got up slowly and followed Mrs Lewis. She wanted to tell Kegan she will come back later , lost her voice she looked at him and his eyes burnt her heart. She stood there for a minute trying to search for a reason to stay.

“Go home Jenny, you need your rest. I am alright” Kegan said staring at her with the same intensity. With every step she took away from him she felt the misery crawling back to her. She looked at him for a final time; the wink made her smile. Silently she followed Mrs Lewis thinking she will be back later that day.

To be continued……………….


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