Dear God, Bless Me With A GooD JoB

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time
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I should be thankful to my brother and S-I-L for allowing me to pamper and spoil my niece and nephew, knowing that my niece idolizes me way too much. They are mere spectators when the war breaks down between me and my niece. Nobody can interceded between us not even my mother. One minute we are like best gals talking giggling and second minute we pull each others hair, roaring “touch and see what I will do”. While she throws my things outside I pick her favorite doll and hung it on the ceiling fan, which they have named “SnL”. She cries saying “I don’t want you SnL, I want only my mamma”. I stand and watch the chameleon to change color. I walk knowing she will follow no matter what happened few minutes back. Before even I could reach the kitchen there she is wiping her tears and saying “Sorry SnL”. I smile and say “Why did you do Alu pumpkin” for which she replies cutely “I like to disturb you SnL”.Sometimes she even changes the rhyme taught in school “I love my mama and dada” to “I love my mamma and SnL”. And I laugh and say “Alu pumpkin, you missed your dada”. For that she comes to me, touches my cheek and says “you are such a cutie, I want you, not dada”. I laugh till tears come out of my eyes. When my brother hears her modified song he raises his eye brows and ask “Alu, you don’t want your dada?”. She says “No, I want SnL”. My brother chuckles and says “ok then, from tomorrow I will take only Alan in my car…”. She start singing her song “I love my mamma, dada and SnL”. She is like my tail when she is around me. I go to kitchen she follows me, I go to washroom she waits till I come out, I go to Geethakk’s house she is all excited to meet Benni bai. She wants me to do all her stuff ;bathing her, help her change clothes, comb her hair, tell Bruno’s story.
Recently I had been to St. Lawrence church in Karkala with 2 rascals, FL and my bro. before we enter the church I called my niece and said “pray to god to bless me with a good job. Remember kneel down and pray, god listen’s to kids prayer”. we entered the church,my niece knelt in front of altar followed by her copy cat brother. Me and my mom were watching her what she will do next. Then she folded her arms, trying to close her eyes, she started praying loudly “dear god, bless me with a good job….”. And I burst out laughing. She continued “bless me with a good job please, I ask you to shower your blessings on me….”. As we were alone I whispered slowly pointing at me “Alu pumpkin bless me with a job not you”. She still continued “Bless me with a job..”. laughing I corrected “say bless SnL with a job not you”. she re-framed her prayer “Dear god, bless SnL with a good job….asking in your name Amen”. St. Lawrence watched us in silence while me and my laughed listening to my niece. She came running to me and said “SnL give me money, I have to put money in the offering box..”. I gave money to my niece and nephew. My niece ran towards Mother Mary’s statues followed by her brother. She pushed her brother and said “I am girl, mother Mary is girl, so I put money here. you are boy, Joseph is boy, go and put money that side”. All I could is watch them in silent laughing.
Its true kids are magical. Spending time with them, knowing them makes us forget every single worry and brings out the lost kid in us.

  1. Drama hater says:

    This story was funny when u narrated it in konkani.. “snl maka poiso dii, snl maka poiso di.. jezu maka boren kaam di” LOL
    I keep narrating this story to Loly.. Its super funny.


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