UAE, Here I Come

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Dubai, TransOceanic


Couple of months back when my niece turned 4 she made whole world know about her bday. She danced and sang happy bday song to herself, asked everyone for a bday gift. Dressed in her favourite color which is RED she was blooming like a rose. How I wish I could do the same thing on my bday, scream from top of my voice and tell “Wish me punks, its my bday”. Those days are long gone with my milk teeth.Now I am in a phase where bday’s are nothing but a reminder of your age and remaining years. You sulk; crib how annoying it is to grow old. In other words just another OLD COW


Couple of beers for getting old, some chicken starters with good old friends who are still in Bangalore, in the evening, followed by “how much I miss my girls” whining I had pre planned how my so called bday will end. Bday was at the corner and Miss L makes necessary arrangements me to fly to UAE  so that I can be with her and Miss N when I hit the big no. I was shaken by her gesture and overwhelmed by her love. For a person like me for whom vacation is nothing but going home by ordinary bus and eating mom cooked pork, I was travelling to UAE, my first international trip, just for 4 days just to celebrate my bday!!!!More than me my passport was super excited to get inked for the first time in its life span of 10, with 5 gone just like that. Lucky, that I am because I am blessed with some GOOD FRIENDS.

First time in years I shouted my age from top of my voice, I didn’t give 2 fucks about the 2 digit number. I was way too happy to sit and sulk about my age. Nobody likes to get old but can you do anything about it? With my first $ in my pocket, lot many bday wishes and surprises from my friends, blessings from my parents,n number of calls from my relatives, do’s and don’ts  on flight by my sister and BIL  I was there boarding my first international flight smiling on my “blabla” bday. First time I had currencies from three countries, India, UAE and US. I am so grateful to my brother for introducing MR Franklin to me personally.


With the seat belt tightly secured I sat there seeing the night getting worn out. Gigantic plane stood still like a charged bull before its attack. With my adrenaline pumping hard I looked out of the small window, without blinking, scared that I will miss my favorite part, The Take Off. The bull started to run with full speed..oooooooOOOOOOOOOO then I was flying high in air, I could see the Bangalore’s tiny buildings and snake like roads illuminated by light. I leaned back on my seat and thanked god for his blessings. I sipped my red wine, digging my dinner with fork watching some romantic movie in middle of the clouds for the first time I didn’t regret growing old in fact I loved it

I pushed my trolley praying to god that Miss L and Miss N to be there smiling and jumping waving their hands like how they show in movie. I am big drama queen as Miss N says. I chuckled and searched the waiting crowd with my curious eyes. When I couldn’t spot size L and size M my eyes fell and bile started to rise in my mouth. I kept on walking with head held high even though I was shattered with fear from inside. I just started residing my rosary when I saw Miss L and Miss N walking towards me from other corner, waving. For a chicken heart me I kept walking swallowing my fear,worries getting lost in foreign country and showing no emotions.

“Look at that bum, no smile nothing, walking like a queen. ” Miss L said to Miss N addressing me.

“You are such a drama queen SnL, you will never change” Miss N said and hugged me in her familiar embrace.

“Happy “blabla“ bday SnL she screamed”.

“Welcome to UAE SnL and Happy “blabla” bday” saying Miss L hugged me tightly.

Old or young, desert or oasis with my friends beside me I knew I am somewhere in paradise.


                                                                                                                                         To be continued

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