UAE, Here I Come

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Dubai

Day 2: Dubai 

I opened my eyes slowly to see unfamiliar surroundings. I relaxed when I saw familiar figure sleeping on my right. I changed my side and looked at my left expecting Miss N to be there but it was empty. Then I saw her sitting on sofa with phone her favorite gadget, I closed my eyes wondering what the hell she is doing up at 7.00 in the morning. I must have dozed off because next time when I opened my eyes Miss N was on the bed awake and Miss L was still sleeping.

Hungry I was, I tried to remember whether I had my dinner previous night. Then I remembered mutton curry prepared by one of MBFD’s(Multi-talented Boy From Dubai) friend and the kori rotti(paper like rice made roti). Hmm it was so yum, my mouth started watering remembering it. I smiled remembering Miss N’s questions about the guy who prepared the mutton.How many whistle he took? where he learned to cook?is he from Takode?….and so on. MBFD was so bugged up answering Miss N, finally he said “ask me anything other than mutton”. I smiled remembering Miss N’s reaction

“How much you guys sleep” Miss N grumbled

I yawned lazily and said “UAE is tiring”

“For a lazy bum like you everything is tiring” Miss N complaint

I smiled and pulled the comforter till my chin

“So how you find Dubai?” I asked Miss N

She chuckled and said “not bad, I miss Bangalore but Dubai is not bad, I am getting adjusted”.

“Ohhh, I see” I said

“OMG!!you two started one of your talking session” Miss L complaint opening her eyes.

After a while Miss N and I were still rolling on the bed and talking when Miss L barked “you two out of bed right now or else I am going to whack you both”

“Good morning Miss N, SnL, I hope you guys had pleasant dreams”  asked MBFD with raising his eye brows

“Sweet dreams in Dubai!!!!You must be kidding” I said

When Miss L screamed I ran to washroom with my brush. After having breakfast MBFD said “let’s do some jam”

Confused I was I just sat there wondering what jam is

MBFD walked slowly into hall, now playing his guitar singing “Sylvia Mogacha(Sylvia, my dear one)Konkani song.

Miss N said “don’t sing Mogacha, sing Sylvia Wagacha.”(Sylvia, the tigress)

“I know you are jealous” I said admiring MBFD


He was casting his spell with his magic with his fingers on those strings and voice. The depth, emotions of the songs were clearly displayed on his face

“Looks like he is going to cry” Miss N said

I laughed in one of my un-lady like fashion

“He is entertaining you and you are laughing?” Miss N said

“Which song you want me to play SnL” MBFD asked me holding his dear guitar to his heart.

“pehla nasha song” I said preparing myself to get lost in music

He started to play his guitar and sing the song so skilfully I started dozing sitting on sofa

“This time definitely he is going to cry” Miss N said

“He learned to play guitar from you tube, an you believe that” she continued

“What!!?, he didn’t get trained? He plays like a pro” I said

“He had interest, passion and look at him he is punter now. I am sure Takode girls must be crazy about him” said Miss N listening to MBFD

I closed my eyes, kept a pillow underneath my head and started to enjoy the song. I was so lost my in the song with my eyelids closed, I didn’t realised when I drifted to sleep.

“Look at her, all she wants to do is sleep. Get up SnL” Miss N and L  screamed from top of their voice.

After doing RnD we were heading towards Umm Hurair to watch the dolphins shake their booty and seal wag their tail. One spin from dolphin and Miss L screamed “I want a dolphin” .I looked at her and smiled; she chuckled and said “keep your comments to yourself SnL”


I enjoyed the dolphin, seal show but I felt sorry for them. Dolphins were supposed to enjoy the ocean’s big waves, listening to sea roar, spinning and jumping as they please. And here they are entertaining so called bored gulf people spinning on command.

MBFD started taking a stroll in the vast green park. Trimmed lawn was soft against my feet it tempted me to run like a wild horse. The monkey was busy climbing the tree

“This is not India, get down you moron. Because of people like your our country name is ruined” I screamed at Miss N

“After long time I am climbing a tree and about spoiling our country name, there’s nothing much left to spoil”. Lying on the branch she said.

Lying down on the mattress of grass I saw the deep blue sky without any clouds only occasional eagle and quails.

It was 4 in the evening and sun was still shining with its pricky rays. While Miss N, Miss L and MBFD discussed about our next destination I sat on the bench nearby.


“Does the couple come to park to make out, like how they do in Kadri park, Cubbon park” I asked my eyes glued to the water

“From where you get such questions SnL?. To answer your question, we never saw anyone doing anything inappropriate in public” Miss L said in firm voice

After deciding our next destination which was “The Dubai Mall” we started to walk when we spotted a couple sitting in isolated place guys hands were freelance

Miss N said “I hope your curiosity is resolved”. We all laughed looking at the couple who were busy doing their own things. Love doesn’t have barrier India Or UAE, I smiled.

“SnL, see that building that’s Burj Khlifa, total 163 floors” said a male voice seated next to the taxi driver

“Tallest building in world. Look at her, she’s such a beauty” said other

“It’s named after Abu Dhbai’s Sheikh.” said the last one.

I sat there following their hand direction, stretching and bending my neck whenever necessary. This was bound to happen 3 tour guides for a one tourist. I felt sorry for myself.

“Welcome to Dubai mall” Miss L said with a enchanting smile as if she owns that mall. Holding Miss L’s hand I was admiring the shops, brands like a creature from other planet in the passage we were walking by. When the passage widened into hugeeeeee hall I almost screamed seeing the crowd Indians, Philippines, Chinese, Firang’s almost all nationality people were present in that famous mall. I tightened my grip on Miss L’s arm and said “hold me tight, I don’t want to get lost in this place, it’s like India’s car festival or Kumbh mela. Imagine getting lost in this crowd like typical old Hindi movie.”

All were walking so fast I was literally running to match their long strides scared like a new puppy in that gigantic mall.

It took almost 1 hour to get a vacant table in that huge food court. It looked like whole Dubai was there to see me. Mexican, Indians, American, Italian, Philippines, Chinese…. all kind of fast food counter stood proudly tempting passer-by. We were having our burger when I saw a Muslim lady eating her fries and drinking her coke under her face veil like how they had showed in Sex And The city. At least while having food those ladies can be excused from their rules but no.

If any of your relatives are dying to visit Dubai, then take them to The Dubai Mall and leave them there. Let them get lost in that overcrowded mall and then they will never mention Dubai again.

We were walking towards the water fall with diving statues. One look at that and I was lost in the mesmerizing beauty. With water falling from height there were many divers jumping into the water. It’s looked so real and hypnotizing.

“You think those divers are nude?” I asked scanning the individual diver statues

falling men

“SnL, out of all you want to know whether they are nude or not?”. Miss L stared at me with open mouth

“oh, they are wearing their underpants, see there can you see the line” I said blooming on my new discovery

“See their 6 packs, oh man, mighty they look. SnL , one question for you, how those men are hung there?” Miss N said

I scanned the divers statue and said “poor fells hung with one hook that too at their delicate center part!!”

All laughed again watching the divers.

MBFD guided us towards the giant aquarium. Well-fed shark, sting fish, jelly fish were swimming, not caring the spectators. In that artificial man made habitat tourist divers were admiring the fish and the underwater lives. Humans!!! I tell you there is no limit to their interference in other living creature’s life.


When we heard the loud music playing outside we rushed there to see the dancing fountain in its glory. With rhythm, beats by beats, fountain danced in front of beautiful Burj Khalifa in its own style. Night was young, temperature had fallen we stood admiring the beauty dance, entertaining everyone not caring the religion, nationality and gender.


I smiled when the music ended, Dubai might be crowded but it’s not that bad. Life is not easy like how outside think but again it’s not bad either.

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