Adios UAE

Posted: September 3, 2015 in TransOceanic

Miss L asked “What’s the name of the station SnL?”
With all 4 eyes on me, I scratched my head and tried to recollect. Darn the complicated name!!!
‘Abu Raz’ I said with a hope of scoring , right at the first shot!!
“It’s Abu Hail, SnL” Miss N corrected me.
“What will I do remembering these names? I am never coming back” I said ,quite firmly
“Never say never…” said Miss L, giving me a loving pat on my cheek while blinking her big beautiful eyes for what seemed like 10times/Sec.
“Yeah, whatever” I said walking behind Miss L and Miss N to catch the metro.
We were at the metro station, strolling along the platform, talking and giggling when Miss L noticed the waiting metro.
She started running and yelling all at the same time “hurry, we can catch the metro..”
I followed her, running with all my will, to make it to the waiting metro. Miss L jumped into the metro and turned back, making this “hurry, come on girl” gestures.
While I was making a dash to the waiting metro I just turned around to check on Miss N and saw her walking the “Lady gaga walk” softly and slowly, unable to comprehend what was happening I just stood there perplexed and by the time my brain could process everything, the doors were already closed and Miss L stood there inside the metro, midst of all the strangers, watching me and Miss N. I wanted to kill Miss N but there she was holding her hand to her stomach and laughing her lungs out. “Imagine….,SnL……..if you were left behind………alone……..on the station…”She could manage to say between her laughs.
“You have no freaking idea about the place, you cannot even make a call.. Just Imagine!!!….”She was still laughing loudly oblivious to the intense stares she received.
I actually wanted to kick her butt but then I decided to ignore my over dramatic instinct and maintain my cool, just so that I don’t make a scene at the station and attract few additional unnecessary looks.
After about 30 minutes “Miss L :Which station you are guys in, “Miss N:This bozo is missing you already……” and then when we three met, I thanked the almighty, and yeah it goes without saying Miss N and Miss L found all of this totally hilarious .
After bidding farewell to my Dubai-tour guide Miss L and I were on our way to the serene Abu Dhabi.
“Say bye to Dubai SnL” Miss L said lovingly.
Watching the passing skyscrapers, fancy roads, well maintained sideways, tall- sexy, still in view, Burj Kalifa, groomed palm trees, shapeless big Villas, I silently slipped into my thoughts on the way back from the Iconic city “Farewell the never sleeping, super wealthy Dubai. I may or may not see you again, for the short time I have known you, I tried to fall in love with you, like most of the population. But I don’t know why I just couldn’t force myself to do so. For every minute spent with you, was the more of a reminder of the time spent away from home. It might not be as rich and clean or shimmering with gold like you but at least summer is not 49 degree Celsius. I don’t want to compare you both because you both are unique in your own way. You may have shiny Ferrari’s running through your well maintained and administered roads but I still prefer to walk through the early morning mess on our roads and run to catch the metro, namma Metro ,my everyday transport”

It was night, time to leave, my bags were packed, filled with gummy bears, marshmallows, gummy bears and more of gummy bears. With a heavy heart I said bye to size L
With a Big No to Miss L’s “I’ll drop you to the airport”, I started off to the airport. I am one heck of an Independent working girl , I don’t need to be taken care of, also not to mention I take complete pride in myself for that. Once my ass hit the taxi’s back seat, I relaxed hoping to have a restful drive ahead. But then of course Malme didn’t think so, he started speeding up, indifferent to the regular warnings from the automatic machine to slow down. The craziness and excitement to ride alone was quickly replaced by the fear of dying alone. I started saying my rosary, my only weapon in helpless situations like this. I started looking out of the window, desperately looking for some distractions but then when just I could see sig boards with “Dubai” everywhere I almost peed in my pants. Completely panic stricken by now, my train of thoughts decided to add their bit as well, I started wondering, Is he going to sell me in Dubai? Or Will he just take me to the nearest desert and once he is done with me, he will leave me to die? Wasn’t there a severe punishment for abduction in UAE? Why daddy? Why ?why didn’t you send me to Karate classes? Dear god, I thought, I don’t want to die on a foreign land and become the sensational headline back home….”, God!!!All of this was driving me totally insane , but then I said to myself it’s not the time panic, instead if I think quickly and intelligently I can devise my escape plan. I kept the Driver’s name and permit number handy, so just when he stops the car I would be quick enough to get out, make the first move and run for life, asking for help .And then I realized I will have to leave the gummy bears behind, I felt so stupid for not carrying them in my hand bag. Stupid SnL I said to myself.
Malme continued to speed up and the warnings, more frequent,I assumed my end was near and I am destined to die hear in UAE. “God, I want to die in my own country with proper funeral and burial…….”I was pleading with god in payers and just then I saw the plane picture on one of the sign boards on the road, Boy, was I relieved and happy. I wiped the sweat from my brows and thanked god.
“Silly SnL, you were terrified unnecessarily”. I paid Malme, got down from the car hoping he might help me with my luggage. But NO, he sat there punching buttons on his mobile. Men, they can be the real gentlemen at times and the ignorant bastards, groping cannibals at some other. I pushed the trolley with my luggage and a bright smile on my face. Being independent is fun,I get to do all my things myself. It’s a pain sometimes but I love it anyways.
It was 8 in the morning sun was just waking up from his long deep sleep, I was in midst of the clouds, in the early hours of the day watching the sun rise and shine; spectacular view. I wasn’t scared anymore I was happy because, I was home

*There is no place like home. Dirty, crowded, ugly it might seem be but HOME is always HOME
*Other countries are not as heavenly as they have been depicted on tourism websites or google images. Unless you visit and stay, your imagination is just a piece of code which never went live.
*When you are far away from your home, your country; your friends always make sure you’re loved enough.
*Sand calls you in different languages; It’s you who needs to hear to its voice. It could be good, it could be bad, it’s all up to you. Whore houses are common in UAE, that’s one business which will continue to bloom no matter which place, until there are men.
*Abu Dhabi Airport is like a Maze, walk, walk, search and search. After using the wash rooms in the airport I wanted to shout at the top of my voice “Amigo’s, you still press Flush button, LOL, visit Bangalore airport sometimes, we have automatic flush, I love technology and yeah I love my country. It’s classy and well maintained unlike your poorly kept airports. If Bangalore is too far you can give Mumbai a try.
*No matter which corner of the world you travel to, $ is always welcomed with a open heart and broad smile even when Mr Franklin doesn’t return the smile.

                                                    No more Dubai Talks,I am done with it.Trust me!!!!!!!!!!

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