I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 22

Posted: September 3, 2015 in STORY

Jenny held her breath every time Kegan flinched, the nurse touched his wound. His was doing good and his wounds were healing but it was Jenny who didn’t allow the doctors to discharge him from the hospital. She wanted him to heal completely before he got discharge from the hospital. As a result there he was lying on the hospital bed with his midriff covered with white bandage. Nurse was asking him something and he was staring at his wife who was still holding his hand in hers. Sooner or later he has to tell her and she may not look at him with those loving sparkling eyes. His craving to feel her skin against his palm became unbearable, so he slowly touched her cheek with back of his palm. This time she didn’t move away instead let him touch her. He smiled thinking may be even she started to feel nice every time he touched her. Her eyes were still fixed on the professional hands working on his wounds and he missed looking into his wife’s tantalizing eyes.

He grinned seeing the nurse leave with her medical equipment’s closing the door behind her.

“If you want anything let me know, I will get it for you don’t get down from bed” Jenny said picking up her book from the extra bed on which she slept in the night.

Kegan smiled what he did often in the past few days. Every time he got down from his bed she was there to help him, holding him supporting him. Even though he was able to walk without any difficulty he pretend to be giddy, holding her every chance he got touching her, smelling her hair. It was his fourth day in hospital as well with his wife. Jenny rarely left his side. When she was not around he missed her terribly.

He looked at her hoping not to miss her so badly. She was reading one of her book with glasses perched on her nose, she was lost which gave full freedom to him to explore her face.

“I am still same, no matter how much you stare at my face It wont change trust me” Jenny said still immersed in her book

“That’s very unfortunate, I was wondering you might turn into a monster” He replied.

Smilingly she looked up at him and he stopped breathing for a minute. It’s now or never, he had to decide. He coughed pretending to be in pain, within second Jenny was there beside him rubbing his back telling him it’s alright, it will pass. She started to care for him and he didn’t wanted her to stop, he wanted her to go on and on.

“How long you gonna pretend?” she asked standing in front of him, folding her arms on her chest, smile on her face.

“If you are going to be around me, rubbing my back, holding my hand then Forever” he replied.

“I better tell the doctor to give you sedatives so that you rest without any actiong” she said smilingly and walking towards her waiting book.

Kegan slowly held her hand and stopped her from walking away from him. He was not ready now and will not be ready in future.

Jenny was standing few inches from him and looking down at him while he sat on the bed holding her hand looking up at her.

“I never thought I will lose my heart to someone. Look at me I am just a mass of body with lost heart.” Kegan let go of her hand and held his head in both of his hands “There were several times how I wish I was Ron, dead he might be but he is luckiest. You know why because you love him madly. While living we cant possibly make anyone love us and here you are loving your dead husband beyond words and keeping your promise.” He held her hand in both of his hand scared to lose her touch “Tell me Jenny, what I should do to make you love me. Tell me, But please don’t tell me to die, Its not that I am scared it just I want to see the world, live my life with you beside me” saying he slowly pulled her close wrapping his arms around her and pressing his face to her stomach. She stood there watching Kegan lose his control. She wanted to run and hide in sanctuary of her room with RJ because she couldn’t take anymore torment. Truth or lie she was already in love with Kegan but she was not ready to accept that. The pleading in his voice blocked all her wise thoughts. She had totally forgotten about Ron, she wanted to weep, she wanted to be alone. Every time she was with Kegan her mind started to stop and her heart started to beat harder. Now Kegan weeping against her tummy tore her into pieces.

“You may not love me, but I love you Jenny, with all my heart, my body and soul. Second place though but I am happy and I will make sure I will be around whenever you need me”. With all that said he lifted his teary face towards his wife whose cheeks were wet with her own tears. She may not have bragged about her love for him but her eyes were telling him all he needed to know. He pulled her towards him and kissed his wife with pure, sacred love h felt for her. He didn’t let her go when he felt her tears on his lips, he didn’t let her go when his brain told him. She was holding him for support. He held her even more tightly, giving his warmth, his love, taking her warmth, begging for love. He just wanted to have some more lone time with his loving wife. He wanted good memories, all filled with his dear wife

He just held her for some time regaining his control. Slowly he took out her locket from his pocket and held in front of her so that she could see it properly.

“Why you forget to wear your locket?..” He waited for her to react

With ashen face she looked at the locket and then at him “It was at home and how come you have my locket.?I don’t like anybody going through my personal things” saying she tried to pull her dear locket from Kegan’s hand.

“If it is that dear to you then why are you not wearing it?” saying he slowly stood and made her wear it which Ron had given to her. ”Do me a favor and never take it out, when Ron gifted you he had his own reasons, trust me…”

“I never told you Ron gifted me that locket then how you know?”

She looked at him with questioning eyes. The love shining in her eyes is replaced by doubt, anger and he feared the worst.

“You didn’t tell me but he did” saying he walked to the window to escape from her stare

“What???!!!!Ron told you? Before he could answer her she was standing in front of him demanding for an answer

“You met Ron? You met him before you met me? then please do tell me why you couldn’t save his life?why?why?tell me why?” her eyes were flooding with tears. She was in deep pain. Her long buried wounds were visible and it was him who was opening them with every detail he revealed to her.

With form voice he said. “Because saving his life was never my mission but saving you is”.

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