No Use of Such Education

Posted: October 6, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

It was Monday, with dark clouds dancing highly I looked at the clock. It was already 10.0. “Holy cow!!” I yelled and started to dress up. Crowded bank, painful queues, slow transaction and the mean power cuts just thought of it started giving me pain in my back. That’s the specialty of my place Kinnigoli, it might be small town but it has 4 banks which are always crowded with people, all season, all working hours. It might be small town but technology have reached its peak. Some banks don’t use printer anymore, we have well organised machine which handle the entry to book.


As I entered the bank I sighed seeing the queues, It was just 10.30 and people were there forming snake tail waiting with patience. I checked my what’s app, the queue remained intact, I check my fb, queue still remained same. It was almost after 15 glorious minute the queue started to show some moment. There was this short man who was in the counter, whose back was blocked by another tall guy in front of me. I started move from my left to right to show my impatience its then I heard that “flirty cashier” yell
“Cant you write the date properly, what is with your name, so confusing ” followed by what looks like paper torn sound. The short guy with saddened face started to walk towards another counter where there was deposit slip. He came back to the big snake tail and requested a man in his 50 to fill the deposit slip for him. It was clear to everyone he didn’t know to read and write. I waited for the man to be kind to this short guy but instead he turned his showing no interest to help him. People can be rude, real rude sometimes. I waited, giving others a golden chance to help but when nobody showed any interest, I walked to the guy and said “Wait for 5 minute sir, and I will write it for you”
I looked at the flirty cashier who could have been nice to that unfortunate short guy for he doesn’t know to read and write. But no, he has to be pain in wrong place. People can be real mean.
When I was done with my work I went to the this short man who was waiting patiently for me, holding his torn deposit slip.
I looked at the slip which looked fine to me with neatly written account no and name as “MG mallik saab saikodi”.
I asked “Who wrote that for you?” pointing out the torn slip.
He mumbled something in his mouth, saying some sir wrote it for him. I asked him for his pass book so that I can fill the correct details, he smiled and said he did not have it with him.

“What was wrong with this slip? why did he tear?” I asked him again scanning for the defects.
He smiled and said “The name, the problem is with the name”
So I sat to write his slip and asked him to repeat his name. He started “Mammad Gouse Mallik Saab Saikodi”. It looked like he never going to stop, such a lengthy name, I was in surprise. I risked to wonder in my thought “how this guys name will fit in ration card?”. I wanted to ask who gave him such a big name but I controlled and filled the slip smiling all time. He thanked me showing his brownish teeth and went to stand on the queue.

Education is very important in our daily life, I am sure MG Mallik would have learnt his lesson by now. I do not know the reason why he didn’t go to school, I didn’t wanted to bombard him with my question about reason for his illiterate-situation followed by a picture for my blog. I am sure he might be having his own reasons. I didn’t feel sorry for him but I felt sorry for the rest of the people who just stood in the queue without helping a man,who was desperately in need of their help. What is the use of such education which cant help a fellow person in need?

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