Birdy And The Hunter

Posted: October 7, 2015 in My Silly thoughts, STORY


Once there lived a small bird-y named Alomi. As she grew up she realized god has been cruel to her, who had created her without any feathers. Sad and miserable she started to pray to god, crying, weeping day and night, to bless her with at least few feathers.


Seeing Alomi weep, broke god’s heart and he blessed her with few colorful peacock feathers.She loved her handful for feathers very dearly


Every day she would kiss her feathers and thank god for his blessings


She danced and sang her mind out. Alomi was never been so happy.


In that place lived a cruel hunter named Denklo, who will paddle his cycle in search of animal or bird .


He carried his huge gun with him all time, even though the gun was bigger than him he carried it with all ease.


Before aiming at animal or bird he would scratch his little bum and close his eyes and then give a piercing cry before killing his prey


It was sad day because the wicked eyes of Denklo fell on dancing Alomi’s shining feathers, who was dancing and singing without a care in the world. Denklo knew it he can make a fortune by selling Alomi’s  handful of feathers


Alomi fail to notice the wicked Denklo advancing towards her. Unaware of the danger she continued dancing with her feathers merrily.


Before Alomi could run, saving herself and her lovely feathers, Denklo held her by feathers and pulled with all his might. When Alomi saw her dear lovely feather in hunter Denklo’s hand, she was devastated. She cursed the Hunter and ran for her life weeping for her lost loving feathers


Alomi stopped dancing and singing since that day . Nobody ever saw her laughter there after. Some say she still weeps for her feathers and waits patiently for the hunter to take her vengeance.


The wicked hunter sold those precious lovely feathers and bought a Activa(two wheeler) which he rarely seen riding. Legacy says he is haunted by the ghost of the animals he killed.

Moral of the story: Do not harm any living creature.

  1. Nisha says:

    Hilarious. Denklo lol.
    They have no clue what they are getting into, they will know when they grow up


  2. Ashitha says:

    Awesome…..poor things…they will sue you when they grow up


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