LOVE That Has No End

Posted: November 6, 2015 in STORY

love that has no end

I looked at the family portrait again and moved my fingers slowly over my mother’s smiling face. With little bit grey hair, black big sun patch on her right cheek she looked bit old. Thick black rimmed glasses were on their place. My Mom, most humble, strongest person I ever knew. I smiled and moved my fingers to the young, beautiful girl standing next to her. With those black thick hair, non-auction able dimples she looked like a beautiful angel to me. If that small kid was not held affectionately, close to her heart like a loving mother nobody would have believed she was mother of a 3 year old kid. Even though Hazel was 4 years elder to me, she had a boon to look way too younger than her real age. Then my eyes were captured by my nephew Iyan, with his one arm around his grandmother’s neck and other around his mother’s he looked adorable to me. I tried to shuffle his hair like always, mere hard copy of three of my more loving people made me realize how much I miss them. How I wished they were present here with me, in flesh and blood.

I chuckled and slowly placed the portrait back in its place. Every time I missed them I just stared at the family portrait. When the doorbell rang I risked a glance at the portrait for a last time and walked towards the door. When I saw my neighbour Savitha ayee standing there with a box I gave her my usual smile and said “Savith ayee, this was not necessary, I was about to start cooking anyway”. The lady in her mid 40’s forced the box in my hand and said “When Helen was here, almost every day she would knock my door with a special dish. You keep quiet boy, let this Savitha ayee pamper you little bit”. When I realized I don’t have option I just took the box and thanked her. My mom’s culinary skills were famous in my whole building. When 6 years back Savitha ayee’s husband and only one son passed away in a brutal road accident my mom was the one who stayed with her and forced some food into her. There after my mom made sure one box would reach Savitha ayee’s apartment whenever she cooked something special. Savitha ayee scanned my face and said “I miss her, miss chopping those vegetables for her catering business. She was the only true friend I had in this building. Anyways have your dinner and go to bed on time Alan”. Saying good night she walked away. I stood there for a minute smiling. “Mom I am getting profit for your good deed” telling myself I closed the door.

I opened the box and inhaled the mouthwatering smell of pulav. That’s when I realized how hungry I was. I picked the spoon from table, sitting on the couch I gave life to the TV. I emptied the box thanking million times to god for blessing me with such a sensible neighbor. When my phone started ringing, my face lit up like 100v bulb when I realized who it was calling. The display picture was enough to send sensational chills through my spine. I pressed the mute button of TV and answered the call “So what did Savitha ayee got for you today Alan?”. I smiled and said “Are you spying on me Joshna? Cant a man have his dinner with mere company of his loneliness in peace..? My heart bloomed when I heard her enthralling giggles. How I wished she was there in front of my eyes to capture the moment. Her sparkling brown eyes, thick long eye brows and shoulder length hair .I closed my eyes to recall her lively image and said “we are meeting tomorrow after work, Kevins bday party remember?”. She made one of her many cutest sound and said “Thank god you reminded me Alan, else I would have forgotten. You are such a darling, love you baby”. Even though “I love you too” was at the tip of my tongue I controlled and pictured her regretting on her mistake. “That just came from nowhere” she said. With satisfaction rooting in my nerves . When I realized there is nothing else to talk I said “hitting bed early today, need to get up early.”

Dont those shifts ruin your health Alan”. Concern or love he fail to notice

When I was sure she disconnected the call after saying good night, I whispered to the receiver “sleep tight my love, sweet dreams”.

After having my dinner I sat on the couch watching the news still with no volume. Random pictures came and went I sat still, with eyes on TV and mind rolling years back.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        To Be Continued(without delay….)

  1. celina says:

    Awesome one… curious to know the next..


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